Date: 4/7/2020 10:17

Webley Tempest Manual. Loading


To load

Insert a pellet into the breech end of the barrel until flush with the end -do not leave the skirt of the pellet protruding otherwise the joint washer will quickly be worn out. Close the barrel and squeeze down until the stirrup clicks into engagement and is seen to overlap the end of the barrel.

Point the gun towards the target and take a comfortable stance for firing. If the safety catch is on, to disengage it turn the lever anticlockwise until it lies roughly in line with the thumb rest . Squeeze the trigger when ready to fire.

Routine care

1. Do not fire the pistol without a pellet in the barrel. The only time you have to do this is when adjusting the trigger pull.
2. Do not leave the pistol loaded or cocked when not in use. Leaving it cocked will reduce the life of the mainspring.
3. After use, wipe the metal parts with an oily cloth to prevent corrosion using Weboil.
4. Occasionally apply three or four drops of Weboil to:
a) Barrel fulcrum pin .
b) Barrel catch fulcrum pin.
c) Safe shaft.
d) Sear and trigger fulcrums. Access is through the trigger slot.
e) Barrel catch plunger.
f) Link fulcrums, at three points.
g) Piston skirt, via slot in the body.
h) Piston washer, via hole in the joint washer.