Date: 25/11/2020 3:41

Webley Tempest Manual. Operating


Operating instructions

The pistol is fitted with a manual safety mechanism designed so that it is operative only when the gun is cocked. Prior to cocking, therefore, the safe will be in the 'off ' i.e. with the lever forwards towards the muzzle end.
To cock the pistol hold it firmly by the grip in the right hand then with the right thumb depress the barrel catch to release the barrel. Lift the barrel with the left hand to take up the free movement then turn the hand over so that the back of the hand is towards the body. Grip the barrel firmly then rotate it until the sear is heard and felt to engage. Keep the finger of the right hand clear of the trigger whilst cocking the pistol. It may be easier to cock the pistol with the left thumb resting on the barrel. NB Never allow the barrel to spring back before the sear is engaged, nor pull the trigger until the barrel is returned and secured in its firing position. If required, apply the safety catch by rotating the safety lever clockwise until the lever points uppermost us illustrated.