Date: 26/9/2020 9:54

Mosquito Repellent Lantern Manual

Step One: Remove one ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent mat from wrapper.
Step Two: With globe in the OFF position, insert the mat under the grill at the top of the lantern.
Step Three: Remove the butane cartridge cap and screw cartridge into the opening in the lantern base by turning the cartridge clockwise until it stops. Make sure the cartridge is fully inserted.

Step Four: Place the lantern on a flat stable area. Rotate the globe clockwise to the maximum setting. The gas will begin to flow.

Step Five: Wait approximately 5 to 10 seconds then depress the start button three to five times in rapid succession.

Step Six: Verify the lantern is operating (lantern will glow). If the lantern fails to glow, check to make sure the lantern is turned on and the cartride is fully inserted. Also check the cartridge's fuel level. If the fuel level in the cartride is empty, turn lantern off and replace the cartride, and repeat steps 3-6.

Step Seven: Adjust the light and the rate at which the repellent and butane are used by runing the globe.

Step Eight: When finished using the lantern, rotate the globe to the OFF position. Allow the lantern to completely cool before storing.

Step Nine: To replace a used mat, turn off lantern and allow to completely cool. Push the used mat out by inserting a fresh mat.