Date: 28/9/2021 16:37

TSD Tactical Series SD700


Power Source Bolt Action
Caliber/Ammunition 6mm Round BBs
Total length 45 inches (114 cm)
Magazine Capacity 30 BBs
Weight 5.35 lbs (2.43 kg)
Velocity 450 ft/sec


- Wear protective eye wear and face mask when playing airsoft sports.
- Never brandish or fire airsoft gun at people or animals.
- read and understand the operating and safety manual before using airgun.
- Do not look directly into airgun.
- Be aware of your sorroundings to avoid accidents.
- Do not dissasemble or modify.
- Always install safety barrel plug when you are not using airgun

Component Diagram

1. Outer Barrel
6. Bolt
2. Front Sling Loop
7. Trigger
3. Hop Up Adjustment
8. Rear Sling Loop
4. Magazine Catch Button.
9. Stock
5. Tactical Rail
10. Butt Plate



1. Safety Setting

- When you are not firing the gun or during storage, always set the selector to the safe position and attach the protective cap to the muzzle.

- When the safety lever is set to the "on" position, the trigger will not move. Please do not pull the trigger, otherwise you may damage the gun.
- When the safety lever is set to the "off" position, it is ready for shooting.
- The gun will fire when the trigger is pulled.

2. Loading BBs Into and Setting the Magazine

- Removing the magazine: Press the button to release the magazine

- The magazine is capable of holding 30 BBs. Hold magazine horizontally and insert BBs as shown. Or, use the BB Speedloader to load BBs.

- Caution: Do not overload the magazine.
- Replace Magazine: Reinsert magazine into gun until a "click" sound is heard

- Load BBs into Speedloader
Open the Speedloader Cap. Insert 6mm BBs into the Speedloader
Press the Rod Release button to release the Spring Rod.
Insert Speedloader into the magazine and pump Spring Rod until magazine is full.

3. Operation

- The bolt retracts at the same time the operating rod is pulled.
To fire the gun, pull back Operating Rod all the way back, until a "click" is heard, then release.
Make sure the Safety release is in "Off" position. The gun is now ready for firing. Pull the trigger.
Replace Safety release to "on" position when gun is not in use.

Warning: Be careful not to put your finger in the bolt as it will close quickly when the operatiing rod is released.

4. Hop Up Adjustment

- Adjust the Hop Up Adjustment Lever to achieve more, or less Hop Up

- The best position is when the bullets fly horizontally and the longerst flying distance is obtained.

5. How to Aim/Hold

- Press the butt plate against slightly inside of the shoulder joint and put your cheek on the stock. Aim at the center of the target as shown in the above figure.
- Be careful not to put your fingers in the moving parts.

6. Maintenance

- Maintenance when bullet speed becomes low

1. Apply Oil as shown below, using the cleaning rod and oiled cotton cloth. Insert the cleaning rod into the barrel.
2. After completing cleaning, use the cleaning rod (with cotton) as shown below to Remove excess oil.

Hold at the leading end of the rod and insert the rod into the barrel while turning the rod.

Caution: Always turn the hop up lever completely down before inserting the Cleaning Rod. It is difficult to insert the rod if you hold the rod at the end.

- Removing Clogged BBs (Set the Safety button to ON and remove the magazine beforehand)

1. Remove the magazine.

2. Turn the hop up dial completely down and insert the Cleaning Rod from the lead edge of the barrel.

3. Be careful so that the angled part of the Cleaning Rod faces down, and remove clogged BBs.
Make sure to clean the barrel chamber whenever BBs are removed.

- When BBs are clogged, immediately stop operation, Remove clogged BBs and then restart operation of the air gun. (If operation is continued with BBs being clogged, the mechanism may be damaged.)

- Be careful during maintenance, as the inside chamber is precisely designed and can be damaged easily. Use of hard brush may damage the hop chamber packing.

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