Date: 14/4/2021 3:9

UTG WarHawk Commando 47SA


Power Source Spring Powered
Caliber/Ammunition 6mm Round BBs
Total length 28 inches (71.1 cm)
Effective Range 150 feet ( 45.7 m)
Magazine Capacity 340 BBs
Weight 6 lbs (2.72 kg)
Velocity 280 ft/sec

Warning - Caution

- Never look into the barrel with bare eyes
- Never point the gun to another person within shooting range.
- Do not shoot at any target with hard surface within close range. Ricochet pellets may injure you.
- Do not brandish in public or alter tip coloration.
- Never put your finger on the trigger except when you are shooting. Leaving your finger on the trigger is dangerous and may cause unintended shooting.
- Pulling the trigger with the safety lever set to SAFE may damage the gun.
- Do not disassemble the gun beyond what is required for operation. Otherwise, the gun may be damaged.
-When the gun is clogged, stop operating immediately. Otherwise, the mechanism may get damaged. Make sure to remove clogged pellets before resuming operation.

1. Component Chart

1. Stock
9.Hi-Cap Wind-up Magazine
2. Tactical Tri-Rail Mounting System 10. Spare Hi-Cap WInd-up Magazine
3. Safety/Fire Selector 11. Elevation Adjustable Real Sight
4. Trigger 12. Hop-up Adjustment Switch
5. Magazine Release Lever 13. Tactical Tri-Rail Barrel Mount (Optional)
6. Tactical Rings (Optional) 14. Tactical Foregrip (Optional)
7. Tactical Scope (Optional) 15. Front Sight
8. Cocking Handle 16. Gun Sling





Warning: Before you follow the assembly instruction, make sure to remove the magazine and set the Fire/Safety Selector to the "SAFE" position.

2. Load Pellets

- Slide open the Magazine Cap.
- Insert 6mm pellets into the Magazine. It can hold up to 340 pellets (Fig 2.1).

- Close the magazine cap.
- Rotate the Wind Up Wheel to draw BBs up into the Ready Tube. Stop when the wheel gets tight.
- Insert the loaded magazine into the gun (Fig 2.2)

- To remove magazine, hold the Magazine Release Lever while tilting the magazine forward to disengage the Magazine.
Warning: Always use NeonFire Premium Precision Ground 6mm BB Pellets for accuracy and safety. Never re-use pellets.

3. Firing (Ensure complete safety of environment before firing.)
Activating the trigger carelessly is extremely dangerous. Never set the Safety/Fire Selector off the "SAFE" position or put your finger on the trigger unless the protective plug is removed and you are ready to shoot at a target.

1. Shooting Operation

  • Set Fire/Safety Lever to "Fire" position. (Fig 3.1)

  • Pull the cocking handle backward until it clicks. Then release it back to the original position to complete cocking in one continuous movement.
  • Hold the gun firmly and rest the stock at a comfortable position.
  • Aim the rifle at your target and pull the trigger to fire.

2. Adjust Variable Hop-Up System for Best Shooting

  • Locate the Hop-Up Switch under the fake cocking handle at the right side of the rifle.
  • Slide the Hop-Up Adjustment Switch to a desired position.

  • Shoot a few pellets, examen the trajectory and make further adjustment if necessary.

3. Wind Up More Pellets for Continuous Shooting

  • While the magazine is designed to hold large capacity BBs, it requires BBs to be fed bybatches into Ready Tube. When a batch of BBs is used up, rotate the Wind Up Wheel to draw BBs into the Ready Tube for more shots.

Note: The hi-cap magazine gives the user continuous shooting fun. Its "Wind-up" design requires feeding more BBs to be fed by batches into Ready Tube before all BBs are used up. It is normal to need to wind up while there are still some BBs left in the Ready Tube. When the gun is set at full auto, it is normal to need to keep winding for enough feed tension for the full-auto mode to work continuously.

4. Maintenance

  • Keep the rifle in clean condition.
  • Regularly clean the barrel with soft cleaning rod.
  • Never used dirty, damaged, or distorted pellets.

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