Date: 27/1/2021 21:4


Adjusting  Main  Safety

Loading and firing

1. With the open hand, sharply tap the muzzle end of the barrel down to open the spring lock then using the barrel as a lever cock the rifle as far as it will go; the sear will be heard to automatically engage.
N.B. Keep the finger of the right hand clear of the trigger whilst cocking the rifle. Also, never allow the barrel to spring back before the sear is engaged nor pull the trigger until the barrel is returned to the firing position.
2.Insert a pellet into the breech end of the barrel until flush with the end do not leave the skirt of the pellet protruding otherwise the joint washer will quickly be worn out.
Close the barrel to engage the spring lock. If required apply the safe by pulling it rearwards towards the butt end as far as it will go. The designed travel of the safels 3/16" (4.8 mm).

3. When preparing to fire, point the gun towards the target and take a condonable stance; if the safe has been applied disengage it by pushing it forward with the right thumb; squeeze the triyger when ready to fire.