Date: 30/11/2020 9:13


Adjusting  Loading  Main

The basic safety rules are:
1. Treat every rifle as if it is loaded.
2. Never point a rifle at anyone, or allow anyone to point a rifle at you even if you think it is not loaded.
3. Always carry the rifle so that the direction of the muzzle is under control even if you stumble.
4. Always be sure of your target and what lies behind it before you squeeze the trigger.
5. Never leave a loaded rifle unattended.
6. Beware of targets that tend to cause ricochets. Adherence to these rules will ensure safe and enjoyable sport with your new air rifle.
Routine care

1. Do not fire the rifle without a pellet in the barrel. The only time you have to do this is when adjusting the trigger pull.
2. Do not leave the rifle loaded or cocked when not in use. Leaving it cocked win reduce the life of the mainspning.
3. After use, wipe the rifle with an oily rag to prevent corrosion. Use Weblube gun oil.

4. Occasionally apply three or four drops of Weblube gun oil to:
  a) Barrel pivot .
  b) Loading lever axis pin.
  c) Piston skirt. Access is through the loading lever slot.
  d) Piston seal . Access is through the barrel joint washer .
  e) Barrel fixing plunger.
  f) Sear and trigger fulcrum pins (very occasionally when stock is removed).
5. For optimum accuracy and power it is advisable to use Webley pellets.

Adjusting  Loading  Main