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Walther Twin-CO2 Air Rifle OWNER'S MANUAL

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Loading and firing

4.2 Inserting the C02 Cylinders
Make sure the air rifle is "On Safe" (See Step 2.1).
Make sure the air rifle is unloaded (See Step 5.2).
Insert the C02 cylinders into the C02 cylinder system with the small neck of the cylinders pointing downward toward the bottom of the cylinder system (See Fig. 9).
Turn the clamp handle until it stops turning and then turn it back counterclockwise so that it can be pressed completely down and locked into place (Fig. 10).
- While making sure that the butt lever is fully open, insert the entire C02 cylinder system back into the butt end of the air rifle.
- Look the C02 cylinder system into place by closing the butt lever until it locks into the buff plate and the butt plate fits snug in the butt of the air rifle (See Fig. 5).
Never use any tool on the C02 cylinder system. Over-tightening can cause injury to you or damage to your air rifle.
- With the air rifle unloaded and the rotary pellet magazine removed (See Step 5.2) and pointed in a SAFE DIRECTION, take "Off Safe" (See Step 2.2), cock the rifle (See Step 6) and pull the trigger to fire. If your air rifle does not make a popping noise after pulling the trigger, the C02 is not being discharged. In that event you will have to put the air rifle "On Safe" (See Step 2.1), remove the C02 cylinder system (See Stop 4.1), and re-insert the C02 cylinders as described in Stop 4.2, point in a SAFE DIRECTION, take "Off Safe" (See Step 2.2), cock the rifle (See Stop 6) and opull the trigger.
- Return safety to the "On Safe" position (See Stop 2.1).
NOTE: High temperatures may cause damage to the air rifle. The maximum temperature for the storage
or use of this air rifle should not exceed 120'F (48.9'C). This temperature can easily be reached when the air rifle is exposed to direct sunlight.
If you would like to conserve on the number Of C02 cylinders you use, it is also possible use one full and one empty cylinder. However, please keep in mind that the performance of the air rifle will be lower and a smaller number of shots will be fired using only one cylinder. We recommend the use of WALTHER C02 cylinders. They are made to fit your air rifle. Other brands Of C02 cylinders may not fit properly. Never try to force any C02 cylinder into or out of place as it may result in injury to you or damage to your air rifle.
Do not store your air rifle with C02 cylinders in it (This is very important to remember, as it will prolong the longevity of your air rifle seals.). Remove the C02 cylinders from the air rifle (See Step 4.1), reinsert the C02 gas cylinder system back into the butt of the air rifle without any cylinders installed and push the butt lever closed until it locks into place (See Stop 4.2).

Loading Pellets
  • Make sure the air rifle is "On Safe" (See Step 2.1).
  • Point the air rifle in a SAFE DIRECTION.
  • Open the magazine holder that is located on the right side of the receiver by pressing the front part of the button until the magazine holder pops open (Fig. I 1).
  • Remove the rotary magazine and place a .1 77 caliber (4.5 mm) pellet, nose first, in each chamber of the magazine (Fig. 12).
    IMPORTANT. To avoid jams or deforming the pellets, make sure the pellet skirt is level or slightly below the rim of the pellet chamber. A pellet must never protrude from the rotary magazine (Fig. 13).
  • Replace the rotary magazine on the hinged magazine holder (ratchet teeth facing rearward towards the buft end of the rifle) and close the magazine holder by pushing it back into the locked position (Fig. 14).
Unloading Pellets
  • Make sure the air rifle is "On Safe" (See Step 2.1).
  • Remove the C02 gas cylinder system (See Step 4.1).
  • Open magazine holder by pressing on the loading button (See Fig. I 1).
  • Remove the rotary magazine. Using a ramrod, gently push each pellet out of the rotary magazine chamber.

IMPORTANT: Never use sharp metal tools to remove pellets because it could cause damage to your air rifle or possible injury to you.
� To be sure the air rifle is completely unloaded, insert a ramrod of the proper size into the muzzle end of the barrel and carefully push the pellet into and out of the loading.

Cocking Your Air Rifle
(You will need to cock your air rifle prior to every shot).
* Make sure the air rifle is "On Safe" (See Step 2.1).
* Insert loaded rotary magazine (See Step 5.1).
* With the muzzle pointed in a SAFE DIRECTION, pull the cocking lever all the way outward and close it by pushing it all the way back (Fig. 15).
NOTE: Do not manually cock the hammer because it could cause your air rifle to malfunction.
* Your air rifle is now ready to fire.

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