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WEIGHT (no sight fitted): 7.7 lbs. (3.5kgs) 8.1 lbs. (3.6kgs)
CALIBRE: 4.5 (.177) 4.5 (.177)
OVERALLLENGTH: 810X70X263 mm 943X70X263 mm


Rifle application
The air gas-balloon rifle "Yunker-2" ("Yunker-3") is an article which appearance, overall dimensions and weight are similar to the same parameters of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and its modifications The rifle is intended to be used for mock and amateurish firing. The air rifle delivers fire with balls, cal. 4.5 min, for air rifles against GOST P 51590-2000 or with the USA-made spherical bullets, cal. 4.5 mm, for air rifles "BB SHOT". Used for firing the rifle are dioxide balloons for household siphons against GOST 19136-80 or balloons for gas-balloon rifles, gas weight of 12 g. Firing is delivered at ambient temperature from 283K to 313K (from minus 10 to plus 40 'C). In case of firing the rifle after its keeping in a loaded state under temperature above plus 30 'C the ball flight speed may decrease when firing the first (as a rule it is not more than three) shots. When firing the next shots the balls acquire the former speed.

Construction and principle of gun operation

The rifle consists of the following units:
- receiver with the barrel;
- trigger and firing mechanism;
- bolt support;
- retracting mechanism;
- bore-end;
- pistol grip;
- butt-stock;
- selector;
- magazine.
Flying of the ball out barrel bore is achieved due to the energy of compressed gas found in the balloon. The definite velocity is imparted to the ball on cutting-out a portion of gas due to the functioning of the pistol trigger and firing mechanism. The gun multicharge characteristic is ensured by location of the bullets (balls) in the magazine accumulator. The bullets (balls) are directed to the barrel under action of the follower spring. Construction of valve modulus makes it possible to use the gas-balloons of two types: weight of gas found in the balloons of the first type is 7 g (the balloons intended for household siphon) and weight of gas found in the balloons of the second type is 12 g. To use the 7 1 balloons put the adapter to the balloon neck. The maximum accuracy of hitting is achieved by means of adjusting of the sight leaf and the front sight.
Diagram of valve mechanisms
I - valve bush; 2 - locking element; 3 - valve; 4 - valve spring; 5 - valve bush; 6 - filter; 7 - ring; 8 - locking elemental; 9 - adapter

Preparing for use

When preparing the rifle for use it is necessary to:
- remove the lubricant from the barrel bore and remove the excessive lubricant from the other surfaces of the rifle;
- attach the magazine;
- check the operation of the trigger and firing mechanism;
- detach the magazine from the rifle by pressing the catch of the magazine;
- take off the valve modulus from the magazine body, pressing the retainer button of the protruding into the opening provided on the wall of the magazine body;
- attach the balloon weighing 12 g (in case if using the balloons for household siphons weighing 7 g it is necessary to put the adapter to the neck, to puncture its membrane, to prime it and screw the membrane);
- shift the follower, of the valve modulus to the lower position;
- insert 18 ball into the accumulator through the loading port;
- attach the value modulus to the magazine body and fix it; - attach the magazine to the rifle;
- depress the safety thumb downwards.
The rifle is ready for firing.
- The rifle is a self-cocking one, therefore press the trigger to fire a shot.
- Strictly follow the rules set forth in the section "Safety precautions", when operating the rifle.
- To ensure long service life of the sealing elements never separate the magazine from the balloon filled with gas.


Proper handling and timely maintenance of the rifle prolong its service life and ensure its reliable functioning. It is best not to carry out detailed disassembly, if no need be. For firing use only those balls which are indicated in the Section "Rifle application". Disassembly of the rifle for, it's cleaning and for using the pistol as an independent article is such as follows:
- detach the rifle magazine;
- take off the receiver cover;
- withdraw the retracting mechanism;
- take off the bolt support; - take off the muzzle adapter.
The rifle reassemble is performed in the reverse order.
The barrel bore of the pistol and the trigger and firing mechanism should be cleaned and lubricated every 500-1000 shots.
Use clean waste or gauge and rifle oil for cleaning and lubrication of the component parts.
To ensure long service life of the sealing elements never remove the balloon filled with gas from the gun. In case of loss of sealing and wearing of the sealing elements it is necessary to replace them.
Perform maintenance of the valve modulus, model MP-841K, in accordance with its Certificate.


The rifle may be transported by all kinds of transport in covered transport vehicles. The shipment is performed in accordance with the marking and signs provided on transportation packing. Fixing of the transportation packing and its carriage by different vehicles should be done pursuant to the rules and specifications of the corresponding kinds of transport adopted in the established order.


1. Treat every rifle as if it is loaded.
2. Never point a rifle at anyone, or allow anyone to point a rifle at you, even if you know it is not loaded.
3. Always carry a rifle so the direction of the muzzle is under control, even if you stumble.
4. Always be sure of your target and what lies behind it before discharging your rifle.
5. Never leave a loaded rifle unattended.
6. Beware of targets that tend to cause ricochets.

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