Date: 24/5/2019 12:5
Multi-Pump Top Videos

Multi-Pump Top Videos

How to get the most out of your Multi-Pump Pneumatic Airgun

Multi-pump pneumatics have introduced folks of all ages to the sport of airgunning.  These airguns straightforward design, easy pumping, and affordable cost make these units some of the most popular powerplants in the airgun world.  At Pyramyd Air, we know our Multi-Pumps!  Check out the videos below to start your education on these popular powerplants.


Crosman M4-177 Multi-Pump Air Rifle

The Crosman M4-177 is a multi-pump that shoots either BBs or Pellets! Since it's a multi-pump, you can pump it up to 10 times to get higher velocities or less if you'd like to do some easy all-day shooting.



Benjamin 392 Multi-Pump Air Rifle

The Benjamin 392/397

This classic multi-pump is based ona design with orgins back to the 1940s--and with good reason!  The 392/397 (.22/.177) has long been an airgun fan mainstay for its reliability and quality built.  Learn more about this classic air rifle below!