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    By Mark from USA on 2017-10-14
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    Things I liked: The Benjamin Titan NP .177 is a great rifle for shooting around the yard. I've been getting about a 3/4" group at 30 yards. I'm still trying to find the best pellet for the rifle, but so far the Crosman Premier Domed 10.5g seems to work best. The scope that came with it didn't hold up for 200 rounds it literally started falling apart. I replaced it with a Bugbuster and I'm very happy with the pairing. The rifle is heavy, but well balanced. The front stock is wide and flat so the artillery hold is very natural. For sure with this rifle the tighter you hold it the worse it shoots. I dropped a star on overall rating and Value because of the junk scope.

    Things I would have changed: The 2 stage trigger has a long pull, but it's nothing you can't work around. The scope is garbage.

    What others should know: The Crosman Destroyer, Wadcutter, and Hollow Point pellets didn't do so well in mine. The Crosman Premier Domed 10.5g did much better. I'm going to try the JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy next just to see if I can tighten it up a little bit more.