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Magnum Reserch RAM Desert Eagle

Magnum Reserch RAM Desert Eagle

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For the ultimate in paintball reality. RAM = Real Action Marker

The Magnum Research Desert Eagle Real Action Marker Paintball pistol is the ultimate in paintball reality. RAM products are paintball replicas of the actual firearm and utilize clips containing either .43 caliber paintballs or .43 caliber rubber balls. Rubber balls are commonly used for military, police, or other authority training. This Desert Eagle RAM is powered by one 12g CO2 cylinder. The Desert Eagle is not for the meek. It has the size, the look, the feel, and shoots with great accuracy just like the real Desert Eagle for virtual reality paintball.

Comes in a foam-lined, black, hard plastic gun gase.
Additional .43 caliber magazines are available.

The owner's manual and the importer's website state that the gun holds 7 rounds, but the replacement mag holds 9 rounds. If you lock down the mag's follower, you may be able to load 9 rounds. If you don't, you should be able to comfortably load 8 rounds.

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Max Velocity220 fps
Barrel Length6.1"
Overall Length10.71"
Shot Capacity8
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade & Ramp
Rear SightFixed
ScopeableWeaver mounts
Suggested forSkirmishing
Trigger ActionDouble-Action & Single-Action
Body TypePistol
Weight2.95 lbs

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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By ruffjustice from USA on 2012-03-14
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5.01 rating

Things I liked: this desert eagle .43 is one finest hand guns on market i perfer all ram products. the gun is huge in size and weight it very realstic looking and made very well this is most i ever spent on paintball gun and love it it's craftmanship up their with real mc coy !

Things I would have changed: not a thing !

What others should know: if you could only afford one real paintball gun thats in this 200.00 price range then i recommend getting this ram magmun full size eagle it's very accurate shooter and worth it weight in performanes for money.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Brian from USA on 2009-12-30
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3.02 ratings

Things I liked: Brianag618: This is as close to real as you are going to get short of spending $1,200.00 for the real deal. For a Co2 she is extreamly powerfull and hits what you point it at. I am using the Leapers Aim Dot System on it, and once you get it sighted in there will be no missing. This is a full size BLOW BACK Pistol, and is not ment for people with small hands.

Things I would have changed: The only thing I would change is for Magnum Reaserch or some one, is to design a Ammo Clip that will hold more AMMO, much like the Combat Clips found on Real Live Ammo Guns. I know this would mean the Clip would have to stick out the bottom of the gun by 2 or 3 inch's, but that is fine with me. Also seeing the .43 cal is so relativly new, your selection of AMMO to FIRE has yet to catch up with the .68cal Rounds that have been on the market for years.I just hope they catch up faster then they have with Ammo that match's the .68cal line. Like Dust Balls, Pepper Balls (May not be leagle in all States)Pourclin Ball (works like Clay Targets) and a much better sellection of Paint Balls, esp colors that GLOW in the Dark. Plus adding and adapter so you can strap on a Co2 tank or Aair Tank that will fit on most Tatical Vest with a thin Flex Line so you can shoot longer w/o having to change out empty air supplies, just the Ammo Clips only. This would make all the RAM Products a real Great Product Line.

What others should know: The Deaert Eagle is advertised as HOLDING ONLY 7 Shoots, in reality the Clip holds * rounds, and if you have ever worked in Law Enforcement, you would know how to slid the Clip in, Slid and Cock the first round, then remove the Clip and add 1 more round giving you 9 shoots out of your first round of firing, I WOULD MAKE SURE THE SAFTY IS ON WHEN DOING THIS PROCEDURE. It gives you a 1 shot advantage when out playing on a Course. Also note this pistol is a SINGLE ACTION PISTOL, which means the only way she will fire is to cock the hammer back for the first shoot. Then she will auto load each and every round from that point on. All the other RAM Pistols are Double action so you can draw it from a Holister, have a round chambered and start firing. The Desert Eagle no matter what you do, in order to fire her the first time you either have to pull the slid back, or if you have a round in the chamber you must cock the hammer for her to fire. When doing anything with this pistol, "MAKE SURE THE SAFETY IS ON", being a single action pistol, and one of the very few I have come accross, has a very touchy/ Hair Trigger. Once you release the saftey you have to make sure you are pointing THIS PISTOL in a SAFE DIRECTION. You no sooner feel the point of where the Trigger Stop should be to squezze of your first and every other round she will FIRE AT JUST A TOUCH of the Trigger. I do not know yet if this is the way it was designed, or just a quark with my pistol. My self, I like the easy touch.

5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

3.0 3.0

By Rockfrog from USA on 2009-05-16
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3.02 ratings

Things I liked: The sheer realism of it, all the fun without going to jail. It has blowback, it has muzzle jump (as a result of the massive slide so really it's just recoil). It's magazine fed and above all it puts a big smile on your face when you shoot it.

Things I would have changed: A larger capacity magazine. It only holds 8 rounds but the mag slide looks to have room if modified to fit two more may mean making a new slide though. Better sights, they are just plain plastic compression fit sights. But they do use a dovetailed base so real handgun sights should fit ... might require some test fitting but they look to be the same as a real desert eagle base. it would have been nice to have a two stage CO2 plug but maybe later versions will have that. And better access to the regulator. This thing is adjustable but only if you can get to it, If you are not mechanicly inclined don't bother with adjustment, it's easy enough for me to get at it ... But I've spent a few good years tearing into rifles, pistols and machine guns as well as paintball markers.

What others should know: It uses .43 Caliber paintballs and the factory set ships at 250fps, it can be tuned up to higher with a 5/32" allen key. You'll need to pull the barrel and slide and the recoil springs are a pain but simple to put back in when you get the hang of it. Adjustment means disassembly, adjustment, assembly, chrono, disassembly, adjustment, assembly, chrono .... you get the idea. Overall it a real blast to shoot and if your field will allow it it's a great sidearm or CQB marker. For just plinking ... it's a hoot as well, just don't expect pellet like accuracy from a paintball, especially if one chops.


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    Item Description

    Magnum-2291004 [PY-1877-3823]
    Magnum Reserch RAM (Real Action Marker) Desert Eagle - Paintball / Rubberball Marker
    Max Velocity220 fps