Date: 18/4/2019 13:23
Secret Six Pack Sign-Up Page

Secret Six Pack Sign-Up Page

Have you managed to unlock the secrets of the Six Pack? Answer below for your chance to win $5 in Bullseye Bucks!

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What is the thing* that all six of these airguns have in common?

*Please keep in mind Pyramyd Air reserves the right to exclude any technically correct, but seriously cheeseball answers from this contest. We are just as existential as the next airgun retailer, but answers similar to and in the same vein as these will be excluded....

  • All six are airguns
  • All six shoot projectiles
  • All six have weight
  • All six are made of atoms that exist
  • Anything an annoying little brother would say

All answers must be submitted by April 26th, 2019 at 3am EST.  Bullseye Bucks will be awarded into the Pyramyd Air account of the winners during the week of April 29th, 2019.

Benjamin Trail NP.
Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle
4.5324 reviews
$329.99 $269.99
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Weihrauch HW90 Breakbarrel.
Weihrauch HW90 Breakbarrel Air Rifle
5.040 reviews
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Umarex Trevox Air.
Umarex Trevox Air Pistol
4.033 reviews
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Gamo P-900 IGT.
Gamo P-900 IGT Air Pistol
3.016 reviews

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Beeman Gas Ram.
Beeman Gas Ram Dual Caliber Air Rifle
4.55 reviews
$149.99 $139.99
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