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  • Dressing my Benji for the trail. - If you hunt as much as i do,(almost daily),spend 4 dollars on a yard of cloth made of good ole American grown cotton.Cut into continuouse 2 or 3 inch strip and your ready.Wrapping any rifle properly is a skill mostly learned through trial and error,(or if your grandpa was a sniper) .When done right no tape or adhesive is needed.there will be no loose ends.Tassles are left to hang for for tightening,wrap from breech to stock and wrap barrel seperate if needed.(A break barrel is constantly getting slapped and should be wrapped for protection.)Who cares if your gun has a beautiful stock when your tracking game through big woods everyday(rough terrain).Wrapping your rifle breaks up that long profile,protects from the oils in your skin,dirt,moisture,sunlight ,nicks and scratches,gives you a better grip and shows your a hunter who cares more about function than form.Cotton shrinks over time wich helps keep it tight.Unwrap to oil and check fasteners for tightness every 500 rounds.Now you know so wrap that rifle and lets go pick off a murder of crow.(Rifle in picture is Benji Trail NPXL1100 .)
  • wrap it tight,hold it loose - a look at the stock
  • off hand results with Barracuda Match 21.14 grains - 50yrd results shooting from off set standing position. Hunters should focus efforts on mastering this stance to the best of their abilities above all other shooting positions.
  • dressing my benji for the trail - wrapped and ready
  • Copperhead - My Benjamin Trail NP XL .22 that was painted in a copperhead pattern.
  • NPXL mod - a few ideas
  • personal touches - trimmed in gold
  • Camo - Couple cans of spraypaint later....
  • Camo - Another angle
  • Barrel - Same on both sides
  • Few Ideas - Removed the muzzle cap,sanded off the factory paint,and replaced it with a heat resistant metal paint wich I sanded under running water down to 2000 grit for a plated and polished look
  • Few Ideas - Custom made a sun shade for the CP3940AO  scope that comes with the NP series
  • custom camo - Stripped it, sanded it, paint and polly. Free handed the patterns myself.
  • Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle - Some AR utg mounts
  • GRT III Trigger on NP XL - Charlie Da Tuna GRT III trigger makes this gun absolutely perfect!
  • NP XL with Leapers Scope - NPXL
  • .22 xl1100 - Had to give her my own touch. Removed the blueing and black paint and polished the steel and aluminum. Also tore it down and polished the inside of the powerhouse. Poor QC from factory. Customized the stock,stained and waxed it. Looks,feels and shoots great now.
  • .22 xl1100 - Completely redone to my taste.
  • Trail np xl 725 .25cal 90 yards  - 6in steel at 90 yards with Benjamin trail np xl with H&N FTT pellets
  • .25 trail XL - Nitro XL .25 with Leapers SCP-DS3028W dot sight!
  • Nitro XL .25 with Leapers SCP-DS3028W dot sight! - Nitro XL .25 with Leapers SCP-DS3028W dot sight!
  • custom benjamin xl - custom stock, bsa 4x16 illuminated retical, w/ pressure switch laser and torch combo, ar front pistol grip, and collapsable barrel mounted bi-pod
  • BENJAMIN .22 CAL. - my .22 cal. benjamin np xl. i cal her XXXL
  • My Benji 1100 - Air rifle: Benjamin NP XL 1100. This I put the Redfield Revenge scope on it, and it I put the Iphone Iscope mount on it, so I can record my shots. I do have videos of my shots but I will post some other time.
  • Camera mount on 1100 - This is an excellent camera mount, and you can easily modify it for different smart-phones for different cases, if you do your own custom work. It is just more convenient to utilize your smart phone, because you don't have to do any transfers of data; just do everything all on your smart phone. Have fun selecting smart phone video editing apps.

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Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle Air rifle

Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle

Nitro Piston, Thumbhole Stock, Shrouded
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