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    What are Bullseye Bucks - Pyramyd Air?

    What are Bullseye Bucks
    How do I earn Bullseye Bucks?
    You may earn Bullseye Bucks many ways:

    Purchases: Whenever you buy something at, you will earn Bullseye Bucks. The Bullseye Bucks awarded will be based on the total purchase amount, less any discounts. (You do not earn Bullseye Bucks when you buy a Gift eCard. But when you redeem a Gift eCard, you will receive Bullseye Bucks for using them.) Pyramyd Air purchases made and completed on's website do not earn Bullseye Bucks. If you make and complete a purchase on with your Amazon login, you will earn Bullseye Bucks.

    Facebook: You can earn Bullseye Bucks by "liking" a product on any of our product pages.

    Referrals: When you refer friends to who are not already our customers and they make purchases, we'll reward you with Bullseye Bucks for sending us new customers.

    What's the value of each Bullseye Buck?
    For each item you purchase, you will receive Bullseye Bucks. Each Bullseye Buck you redeem is equal to one penny (US $0.01). For instance, if you have 1500 Bullseye Bucks that you can redeem, that would be equal to US$15.00you can subtract from the total of that purchase.

    Can I spend Bullseye Bucks like money?
    Yes! Once your Bullseye Bucks mature (30 days after we ship your purchased items, minus any returns), you can redeem them via a Gift eCard, and use it to pay for items you buy at During the 30-day period, your Bullseye Bucks will be shown as pending.

    Bullseye Bucks cannot be redeemed for cash and have no cash value.

    How do I sign up?
    Simply create a Pyramyd Air account and start earning Bullseye Bucks with every purchase!

    How do I cash in my Bullseye Bucks?
    To spend your Bullseye Bucks, follow this 2-step process:

        Click on MY ACCOUNT on and select a Gift eCard for the appropriate amount of Bullseye Bucks. Your available balance will be displayed, and the amount of each Gift eCard indicates how many Bullseye Bucks are needed to purchase them.

        When you're ready to use your Gift eCard, you will do so through our checkout process. There, you will enter the serial number of the Gift eCard you purchased in step 1. The amount will be deducted from your total purchase, and the remaining balance will be displayed.

    Where can I check my Bullseye Bucks balance?
    Click on MY ACCOUNT on, log-in and your available Bullseye Bucks balance will be displayed.

    Do my Bullseye Bucks expire?
    Bullseye Bucks never expire.

    Bullseye Bucks are not transferable and cannot be combined between customers. Pyramyd Air has the right to modify and adjust the program rules or cancel the program for any reason.

    Can I accrue as many Bullseye Bucks as I want?
    Yes! There is no earning limit for Bullseye Bucks. There are certain limits for some types of interactions, such as the number of referrals you send us in a day. Once we credit you with the max referral Bullseye Bucks for that day, the remaining referrals for that day will not result in additional Bullseye Bucks.

    We are excited about the Pyramyd Air Bullseye Bucks program and would like to see every customer use this opportunity. There are systems in place that consistently monitor for abuse. If abuse is discovered, the points accrued as a result of abuse may be removed and you will be notified via email. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel orders that include redemption of Bullseye Bucks if we suspect fraud or improper use of our Bullseye Bucks program (i.e. opening up multiple accounts for the same customer) .

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