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Hunting power and pinpoint accuracy are surprising features you'll find in a pellet gun, unless you already own one! We've been helping shooters discover the benefits of air-powered pellet guns since 1996 - from high-powered hunting rifles to precision target pistols. Browse our selection and find the perfect platform today.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pellet Gun

Pellet guns are air guns that shoot pellets or slugs, not round bb's, using pressurized air to shoot metal pellets or slugs at your target. A pellet rifle or pellet pistol will have better accuracy, power, and features than a bb gun but you'll want to consider these 2 main factors when shopping:

Choose the Correct Powerplant

The first thing to consider is the type of powerplant you need, whether a rifle or pistol.

  • Spring Piston - the oldest type of pellet gun, powered by an internal spring, is often in the form of break barrel pellet guns or under lever pellet guns and doesn't require extra shooting accessories.
  • Gas Piston - also known as a gas ram, is a more modern form of the spring piston powerplant. It replaces the spring with a gas, usually nitrogen.
  • Pneumatics - use levers or pumps on the gun to pressurize an air tube.
  • PCP pellet guns - (pre-charged pneumatics) are the most powerful pellet guns and will need a high-pressure air source to fill an onboard air reservoir (cylinder or bottle).
  • CO2 pellet guns - use compressed carbon dioxide gas for propulsion instead of air.

If you're new to air guns, spend a moment learning about the different types of air gun powerplants.

Choose the Best Caliber

The next thing to consider when picking a new pellet gun, is to determine which caliber might be best for your situation. A caliber refers to the size of the pellet or slug, and the barrel.

  • A smaller caliber, such as .177, is perfect when power is not critical or you are hunting small game
  • If you need to take care of pests or shoot longer distances, consider calibers such as .25 or .30
  • In larger calibers, .357 and up, you'll be able to take larger game such as deer or elk

Looking to get into hunting? Choosing the right caliber when hunting with a air rifle is critical since you'll want to have enough power to humanely take game.

Advantages of Pellet Guns

The best pellet guns offer better accuracy and higher impact power than BB guns, but they are not as powerful or dangerous as a firearm. Some high-powered pellet rifles have sufficient energy to hunt any game found in North America, including game as large as black bears.

Some of the main advantages include:

  • Affordability - pellet guns and their pellets are a more affordable shooting option than many other options, such as firearms and crossbows.
  • Low Noise - pellet guns are much quieter than firearms, making them more suitable for suburban settings where noise levels can be a concern.
  • Versatility - pellet guns can be used for various purposes, including target practice, pest control, and hunting, depending on the power plant and caliber.
  • Accuracy - many high-powered pellet guns, especially PCP models, are capable of delivering exceptional accuracy even at longer ranges, making them suitable for competitive shooting.

Technology constantly improves, and people who are unfamiliar with these guns or who haven't experienced one in a while are often surprised at their power and versatility. If you're looking for an accurate pellet gun at a reasonable price, you'll find it at Pyramyd AIR.

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