Get ready for your next outdoor adventure with these top outdoor brands and Pyramyd AIR. We stock a wide selection of outdoor supplies from the best air rifle brands, crossbow brands, and more to ensure you’re properly equipped for any and all of your outdoor adventures.


Best Outdoor Brands

The top outdoor supplies from the best outdoor brands. From shooting sports and war games to hunting and self-defense, you can find the equipment and accessories you need at Pyramyd AIR. No matter what type of shooting you do, we have the scopes and sights to get you the most from your outdoor experiences. Optics brands like Leaper, UTG, Hawke Optics, and more, provide scopes and sights that'll keep you on target every time. We partnered with the best paintball and airsoft brands to help you get the most from your war game battles. You can be sure to find something that will give you an edge. From beginner to advanced, we have the gear you need to have fun and dominate your next skirmish. Personal safety is on the minds of many these days. We've partnered with the best self-defense brands to provide you with the personal security items you need to protect yourself and your family. Get the extra layer of protection you need with the right items from these self-defense brands. Protective gear is also essential for outdoor activities. Our safety equipment suppliers will have you covered. We have eye and ear protection, masks, and gloves, so you can be sure you're properly protected and minimize the chances of injury. And for accessories, you can find a great selection of top brands to help make your next trip easier and more successful. From cases and cleaning kits to scopes and rests, we have the accessories you need.

Best Air Rifle Brands

We carry all the top air rifle and airgun brands such as AirForce, Air Arms, Benjamin, Crosman, FX, and many more. Whether you're a beginner or an expert we have the airguns to fit your needs. Choose from a variety of styles and types from the pellet and bb gun brands you know and love. Some of the most popular air rifle manufacturers are German air gun brands, most noted for their precision. Browse through all our air rifle and air pistol manufacturers to see who you like best and don't forget to shop top ammo brands to help improve your accuracy and performance.

Best Crossbow Brands

Pyramyd AIR stocks some of the leading crossbow brands such as TenPoint, Barnett, Bear, PSE, and Excaliber. These crossbow manufacturers provide high-quality, dependable products that will help you hit your target accurately and effectively. With crossbow makers providing options ranging from traditional recurve crossbows to the most powerful compound crossbows, you'll be sure to find the best one for your needs. Check out these crossbow brands and get ready for your next outdoor adventure.