Dottie Slade

Dottie Slade holding her Rapid Air Weapons TM1000

Dottie has been shooting FT on and off since 1999.  She is also an accomplished Bench Rest shooter, shooting two world record high scores in BRV in 1999.  She is currently employed in the airgun industry at TN based manufacturer, Rapid Air Weapons.  Dottie is also the better half of well known tuner and former Beeman gunsmith, David Slade.

Home Club
Invicta Field Target Club
Good Ole’ Boys FT Club

Essential Field Target Gear
A good scope for range finding. Rock solid mounts. Consistent pellets, preferably from the same batch, and a husband who’s an excellent gunsmith.

Competition rig
I’ve been shooting a RAW TM 1000 with a BSA 10×50 scope, in open class since I shot the prototype in the 2011 Nationals. A sweet rifle right out of the box.
This year I am dipping my toes into WFTF with a FWB P-70 with a Sightron 10×50. Pellets are JSB Exact 8.44

Go-to airguns
As I said the TM 1000 is pretty sweet and so accurate. Even with an occasional loose nut behind the trigger. But my first love was my FWB P-70 with a Burris 8×32, I originally started with. I plinked with a Beeman R7 and have enjoyed a Beeman Mako and a Theoben MFR. I’ve never had the pleasure of shooting a Steyr, Ripley, or any other top guns out there. I’m afraid I might need one. So I’m doing quite well with what I have. So for now, I am quite satisfied.

How did you get into the sport?
I worked as a bartender at Applebees in WA state. The guys at the club would come in after the matches. I would tease them and they challenged me to come out and shoot with them. I said “Sure I’ll shoot BB guns with a bunch of old guys” Beginners luck I won the first match. Then reality hit. I was corrected on the BB part and since challenge anyone to come out to try it. This of course was bench rest. FT is a whole new ball game and a kick in the pants. So much fun.  I started shooting FT after I’d gone as far as I could in BRV bench rest. At that time BRV was the only air rifle completion in our area, until the club discovered FT.

How hard was it to get started?
It’s not difficult. You don’t have to spend thousands on a rifle to start out. The TX 200 is pretty competitive right out of the box. A quality scope is as important as a rifle. A cheap scope on a good rifle won’t yield good results. I really struggled for several years to the point of giving up. I just could not range find the longer targets. I took a season off in 2010 and was given the BSA scope to try out. It was night and day and my improved scores reflected it. I fell in love with the sport all over again.

Advice to field target beginners
Once you get the quality equipment, HOMEWORK is important. Getting scope dope, learning windage and practice, practice, practice. Advice I need to apply myself for WFTF.

Where do you see the sport going in the next 5 to 10 years?
That’s a good question and I believe will hinge on the 2nd amendment. The sport has grown much faster in countries where people don’t have the luxury to own firearms.

2016 AAFTA National Championships – High Lady
2016 Cajun Spring Classic – 1st Place Lady
2015 TX State – 1st Place Open
2015 U.S. National – High Lady
2015 U.S. National – 5th Place Open
2014 Cajun Spring Classic – 3rd Place Open PCP
2014 Cajun Spring Classic – High Lady
2014 Good Ole Boys – 2nd Place Open PCP
2014 Invicta TN State – 3rd Place Open
2013 Invicta TN State – 2nd Place Open
2013 Invicta TN State – High Lady
2013 Georgia State – 1st Place Open
2013 TN Two Step – High Lady
2013 Invicta TN Two Step – 5th Place PCP
2013 Good Ole Boy TN Two Step – 5th Place PCP
2013 U.S. National – High Lady
2012 Good Ole Boy – High Lady
2012 Invicta TN State – 3rd Place Open
2012 Invicta TN State – High Lady
2011 U.S. National – High Lady
2011 U.S. National – 6th place PCP
2009 Alabama State – High Lady
2009 Good Ole Boy TN State – 2nd Place PCP
2009 Good Ole Boy TN State – 1st Place Team
2007 Alabama State – High Lady

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