Scott Hull

Scott has been shooting FT for the past 5 years and has quickly become one of the games dominant forces. Winning multiple national titles in that short time frame and in multiple classes. Whether it be a piston gun or PCP gun, Scott can shoot them all! He and son, Alan, are two of the very best shooters in the game and love the sport.

Home Club
Morro Bay Airgunners (SLSBA)

Essential Field Target Gear
Air rifle, pellets and scope.

Competition rig
Last year: Benjamin Marauder
This year: Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel and a Diana RWS 54

Go-to airguns
Benjamin Marauder: It’s very accurate and easy to shoot.
Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel: As piston guns go, I just like it – simple, accurate, easy to use and no air tanks.

How did you get into the sport?
My grown son and I were going to start hunting small game with airguns and wanted to improve and test our skills.

How hard was it to get started?
I stumbled onto field target while doing some research on the internet. I found a club that was hosting matches in the Los Angeles area. That is a four hour drive away but I visit Southern California periodically, so I worked in a match on one of those visits.  We used the rifles that we already had purchased for hunting. I had a .22 spring gun and my son had a .22 Discovery. We were hooked right away.

Advice to field target beginners
Go to matches and have fun with whatever equipment you have or whatever score you end up with. If you get serious, you can upgrade equipment and practice more.

Where do you see the sport going in the next 5 to 10 years?
That is hard to say. I like both target style rifles and sporter style rifles. I personally shoot sporter rifles in competition and could see more people competing in classes that cater to that type of shooting.

Biggest change in the industry since starting
I’m fairly new to the sport. I’ll let the veterans comment on that.

2017 AAFTA Hunter Piston Grand Prix Champion
2017 Morro Bay GP Hunter Piston Champion
2017 Corp Ranch Spring Classic Hunter Piston Champion
2017 Corp Ranch Spring Classic Hunter Pistol Champion
2016 California State Hunter Piston Champion
2016 IHMSA West Coast Unlimited Air Pistol Champion
2016 West Coast Piston Rifle Field Target Champion
2015 California State Hunter/PCP Champion
2015 AAFTA National Open Piston Champion
2015 IHMSA world Champion Unlimited Air Pistol
2015 Western States Piston Champion
2014 Temecula Challenge Piston champion
2014 Northeast Regionals Hunter/Piston champion
2014 AAFTA Hunter/Piston Grand Prix Champion
2014 California State Open/Piston Champion
2013 Temecula Challenge Hunter/PCP champion
2013 AAFTA National Hunter/PCP champion
2013 AAFTA Hunter/PCP Grand Prix Champion
2012 AAFTA National Hunter/Piston champion
2012 CASA Top Shot, Hunter/Piston rifle

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