Upcoming Events

AAFTA Grand Prix Schedule 2017
May 2017
Southern Open AAFTA Grand Prix – Alabama May 20-21
June 2017
Nevada State Championship – Nevada June 9-11
Mass Bay Colony Challenge – Massachusetts & Maine June 17-18
July 2017
Crosman All-American Field Target Championship – New York July 21-23
Oregon State Grand Prix – Oregon July 21-23
August 2017
Pyramyd Air Cup – Ohio August 25-27
September 2017
Republic of Texas – Texas September 22-24
November 2017
AAFTA Nationals – Phoenix Airgun Club – Arizona November 2-5

11 thoughts on “Upcoming Events”

    1. Jim,
      There is a club in Damascus, that would likely be the closest club to you. It’s called DIFTA, give them a look. If that’s too far and you have buddies that want to start a club, all you have to do is check out AAFTA’s website to register the club. You only need two members to start one!


  1. This for someone at pyramidair I live in the Caribbean and I would love to start something like this at home in the off season when we can’t hunt, I know lots of air gunners at home that has nothing to do when the season is closed. so I would like to know if anyone at pyramid offer information on how to get a tournament started and to bring awareness to island Grenada thanks much.

    1. Anthony,
      Check out AAFTA.org, there are a lot of articles and helpful posts on starting your own club and how to set up matches, including material lists and course layout guides. Check under the Resources tab.


  2. Everything seems to be on either coast, with the exception of Texas, and OH (which is considered “eastern US”, though not “on” the coast). Something (multiples would be better) situated in the more “central” states would be great as well…. is there no interest in IA, MO, NE, KS, CO, WY, MT, OK, MN, the Dakotas, etc ??…. or, have those states even been “investigated” for possibilities ?

    1. Jim

      It’s all up to local shooters, pretty much all of the clubs in the country now were started by just a few people and grew from there. AAFTA requires just two people to start a club. You would just have to find a partner and go from there. Get the supplies and then start advertising your matches locally and on the internet. There are a few forums that are great outlets for this type of thing and a great way to get other shooters involved.


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