Kevin Yee

Kevin has been shooting FT since 2008 and is widely known as one of the best piston shooters in the country. The strong California winds have turned Kevin into a wind doping machine. He can pick up just about any rifle and shoot great scores.

Home Club
Diablo Rod and Gun Club (DRGC)

Essential Field Target Gear
This list could be pretty long but a good consistent gun that fits your shooting style is probably the most important followed closely by good ammo. Spring guns are all about doing exactly the same thing over and over again. Because a spring piston gun has a prolonged shot cycle you must hold your gun exactly the same way with the same amount of grip pressure to have the best results.The way a gun fits can aid or hamper your follow through. As for ammo use a quality ammo that has tested well in your gun. Both JSB and Crosman Premiere are great places to start.

Competition rig
I’m somewhat unique in that i shoot multiple classes with multiple guns. For WFTF and Open Spring Class I currently shoot a HW97 with a Sightron or Leupold scope. I like the HW97 because I feel it has a fast and well mannered shot cycle. Nothing special about my gun. It has a basic tune on it (+5 yrs ago) with standard guts and a Maccari Spring. I also shoot an Air Arms TX200 but haven’t in competition for a few years but its a great gun and its trigger, in my opinion, is better than the HW’s.

Go-to airguns
USFT PCP Air Rifle

How did you get into the sport?
A few years back I had this nasty pigeon problem. While looking for a solution to the problem I ran into another airgunner. We started talking and I was prodded to come shoot Field Target at the local club. After a pretty embarrassing score I decided i could do better and set out to.

How hard was it to get started?
At first i was just a weekend shooter, I didn’t practice and my scores really showed it. I started out with a AF Condor, my pigeon gun, but quickly realized it wasn’t the gun that was missing it was me. I decided i was going to get better. I’d break out my hand pump and shoot every night in my garage till my groups stopped looking like a 10 year old shot them.

Advice to field target beginners
It’s the same old advice – Practice. Over the years my stye has changed all utilizing different guns, positions and holds but my commitment to practice is always the same. Practice, practice, practice. If you can find someone who is a top shooter, practice with them, you will be amazed at what subtle things you’ll discover.

Where do you see the sport going in the next 5 to 10 years?
A few guys have been using customized bullpups but they are becoming more commonplace and i think its only a matter of time before they make it big in competition. With a short compact design and centralized weight distribution it gives the gun an advantage in the off-hand lanes. One no longer has to learn how to shoot 15 pound rifle off hand. We’ll also continue to see a shift towards the Hunter classes. With its open rules and and an aging shooting population it has plenty of fuel for growth going forward.

Biggest change in the industry since starting
The birth of the Hunter class. Hunter is a relatively new class with that allows a shooter to use a bipod and shoot prone or off a stool. Its growth has been astounding though not without its challenges, it’ll be interesting to see where it’s at in 5 years.

2014 AAFTA National Champion WFTF Piston
2014 AAFTA Grand Prix Champion WFTF Piston
2014 Cajun Spring Classic 1st WFTF Piston
2013 AAFTA Nationals Texas 1st Open Piston
2013 Temecula Challenge 1st Place Open PCP
2012 Grand Prix Champion Open Piston
2012 Western States Regional 1st Open Piston
2012 Northeast Regionals 1st Open Piston
2011 AAFTA Nationals Team 1st Place. 5th Place Open PCP
2011 Temecula Challenge 1st Place Open PCP
2011 Western States Regional 1st Open Piston & 1st Open PCP
2009 California State 1st Open PCP
2009 Temecula Challenge 1st Place Open PCP
2008 California State 1st Open Piston
2007 California State 1st Open Piston
2007 Temecula Challenge 1st Place Open PCP

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