Date: 25/11/2015 17:20

Beeman Ballistic Putty, 5 lbs.

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Packed in resealable plastic bags with instructions and ballistic tables. Provides easy evaluation of approximate velocity without a chronograph or for replacement in your own trap.

Item Code: BN-7243 [PY-A-2991]

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By Vick from USA on 2010-06-04
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Things I liked: See my earlier review.

Things I would have changed: 1. I would like to know how to make ballistic putty.Until I figure it out... 2. PYRAMID should promote this stuff as the first choice for pellet traps. It is the safest trap in terms of toxicity and recochet. But you have to search for it on the web site or already know about it to find it.

What others should know: 1. Get 10 pounds - two 5 pound blocks. You will end up making more than one trap. 2. For .22 pellets, use at least 2". If you shoot tight groups, they will drill through a thinner layer. It will stop .177 pellets reliably with 1.25", but 1.5" gives a margin of error. 3. Dig out the old lead periodically and dispose of if responsibly. A mass of lead is not a good backstop.

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By Vick from USA on 2010-05-21
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Things I liked: Quiet, effective, durable. It traps lead instead of splashing particles around. So it's safe to use indoors. And no riccochets. Unless you stack too many pellets, it is the quietest trap. You can put it in any container. I have an indoor target made by packing a 2" layer into a cedar cigar box. There are many good designs for putty holders, or use any sturdy wooden box. It will need replacing after a few thousand (or tens of thousands) rounds. If your community has a hazmat disposal program, take it there.

Things I would have changed: Bring the price down.

What others should know: Eventually you will need to dig out wads of fused pellets under your target spots. Although paper will adhere to the putty when new, you will need to use pins when the surface stops being sticky.

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By Terrance from USA on 2010-04-25
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Things I liked: Cannot function without this material. Used in home made silent pellet trap. I have used this material for more than 20 years. Lasts indefinitely. My favorite pellet trap material.

Things I would have changed: Lower the price. Rather costly for putty.

What others should know: At most, you only need 1.5 - 2 inches of this material to stop a pellet.

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