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Shooting Chrony Beta Chronograph, Blue

Shooting Chrony Beta Chronograph, Blue

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Shooting Chrony chronographs measure the velocity of almost any projectile, including pellets, steel BBs, plastic and metal airsoft BBs, bullets, shotgun pellets and slugs, arrows, bolts, darts, paintballs and just about any other projectile. Shooting Chrony chronographs measure speed (feet per second and meters per second) from 30 fps to 7,000 fps with more than 99.5% accuracy.

Now you can test your airgun's velocity yourself!

All Chrony models are powered by a single 9V battery and can be easily attached to a 1/4"-20 tpi camera tripod for fast, easy set up. The Chrony is simple to use, just unfold the box, set the diffusers in place if needed, turn on the switch and start shooting.

60-shot memory (divided into 6 numbered strings from 2 to 10 shot each, with one set of statistics for each string)

Can be switched off, taken home and switched on for reviewing, information retrieval or, (together) with optional IBM Interface) downloading onto your computer;

Moves instantly from string to string, interrupts shooting on any string without memory loss, each string delivers its own statistics, etc

Forget Button to clear individual string-memory instantly

Change string size

Delete individual shots, or all data from memory

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Item Code: SC10BTBLUE [PY-A-837]
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1.0 1.0

1.0 1.0

By Steve from USA on 2015-10-16
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5.02 ratings

Things I liked: What a piece of junk! Error message after error message. Difficult to use interface. Shot string limited to 10 shots. Lousy, unfriendly customer service. What a mistake this was. I replaced with a ProChrono Digital model. Much better! Easy to use. Rarely ever an error message. Up to 99 shots per shot string! Bluetooth connectivity to your smart phone. Buy a ProChrono Digital mode...they're made in the USA!

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Stanley from USA on 2015-08-26
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5.02 ratings

Things I liked: Compact unit , easy to use despite poor instructions.

Things I would have changed: Like others that reviewed this product needs better step-by-step instructions.

What others should know: This does not fit in the padded case very well , not enough room for everything once you add the printer , the cables etc. Im using a range bag.

4.0 4.0

5.0 5.0

By Richard from USA on 2014-03-02
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4.02 ratings

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Things I liked: Very compact and relatively easy to use with basic functions. Setting up six strings was pretty easy as was sending them to permanent storage.

Things I would have changed: Have a step-by-step users guide.

What others should know: Basic functions were pretty easy. After putting info into permanent storage, I had a hard time clearing and deleting permanent storage. A step-by-step users guide would be nice.

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  • Owl from USA asked:

    Does anybody know where this was made? I do not want to buy a,,, well,,, I would prefer to buy an American made product if at all possible. Is this model made in the USA? Do you know of any that are???

    • Victor from USA asked:

      Can one later add a master control for your bench like the red one?

      • walter shipman from USA:

        I believe this excerpt from the Chrony User Manual for this item: STEREO JACK On the left-hand side near the front of the Beta and Gamma Chrony is a Stereo Jack that will accept the 16' (5 m) cord for the optional two-button Remote Control. The Push Buttons on the Remote Control are color-coded: The black button activates the FU-button functions, and the red button activates the ST-button functions. This Remote Control gives you access to all Chrony functions from the shooting bench. The Stereo Jack also accepts the IBM/PC Interface patch cord, or the Ballistic Chrony Printer. In conjunction with our Shooting Chrony Ballistics (for Windows Ballistics Program), the IBM/PC Interface lets you download all data stored in your Chrony memory into your IBM/PC compatible computer. This data can be automatically downloaded into a file on your computer for further manipulation by our optional PC-BULLET ballistics program. With Shooting Chrony Ballistics you can generate charts and graphs, and calculate down-range performance and tons of other data. The Remote Control is optional for the Beta Chrony. Please note: The Remote Control, IBM/PC Interface and Shooting Chrony Ballistics are optional accessories. They are available directly from Shooting Chrony Inc. only. (See ACCESSORIES). The CHRONY BALLISTIC PRINTER also functions as a Remote Control. Hope this helps.

    • Hemn Mahmmod from Albania asked:

      how many foots should place/put the chrony from the muzzle of the air guns ? i mean the distance between the muzzle and the chrony screen?

      • Eugene from USA:

        I have put over 40,000 shots through it and depends on which gun I shoot 6 to 12 inches from muzzle.

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Pistols, 5 to 10 feet. Rifle, 10 to 15 feet.