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    Evanix Rainstorm 3D Bullpup

      Evanix Rainstorm 3D BullpupEvanix Rainstorm 3D Bullpup. Air rifles. * Evanix Rainstorm 3D bullpup * Precharged pneumatic (PCP) * Shrouded barrel * 13rds/.177, 11rds/.22, 10rds/.25, 7rds/9mm* ...
    Evanix Rainstorm 3D Bullpup
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    Action kit
    0.177" (4.5mm)
    Action kit
    0.22" (5.5mm)
    Action kit
    0.25" (6.35mm)
    Action kit
    9mm / 0.357"

    9mm / 0.357", 730.0 fps, Synthetic, Ambi, Brown
    Evanix Rainstorm 3D bullpup. 9mm is ideal for taking smaller wild hogs, foxes and similar-sized pests. 7rd mag.

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    Pyramyd Air 30 day money back

    9mm / 0.357"
    730 fps
    Two-stage adjustable
    6.0 lbs
    Pre-charged pneumatic
    7.8 lbs
    • Evanix Rainstorm 3D bullpup
    • Precharged pneumatic (PCP)
    • Shrouded barrel
    • 13rds/.177, 11rds/.22, 10rds/.25, 7rds/9mm*
    • Sidelever cocking
    • Ambidextrous metal stock
    • 2-stage adjustable trigger
    • 6-lb. trigger-pull
    • Built-in manometer (air pressure gauge)
    • Manual safety
    • Weaver optics rail (no open sights)
    • Weaver accessory rail**
    • 3000 psi fill (up to 45 shots per fill)
    • Includes a 1/8" BSPP probe with male threads and 2 mags

    *.177-caliber performs best with long, heavy pellets and tends to jam with short, light pellets. 9mm performs best with JSB and Air Venturi pellets but tends to jam with Eun Jin pellets.

    **The accessory rail has a slight bit of forward/backward movement.

    If you like futuristic airguns, get ready to be blown away! This is by far the most modernistic gun available on the airgun market. Nothing else comes close. Evanix has delivered the cutting edge when it comes to airguns. But that's just the looks. What really counts is underneath.

    How does it shoot? Is it accurate? Is the repeating mechanism smooth as butter and quick to advance? Yes. Yes. And yes.

    Sure, you want power. Sure you want a repeater. But none of that matters if you can't hit the side of a barn from the inside! Well, the Evanix Rainstorm 3D not only hits the barn, it hits the knothole on one of the timbers. These guns are accurate, and you'll be able to home in on your target and drill it!

    Whether you're shooting a flock of pigeons roosting over the grain in your barn, shooting pesky birds dining at your fruit orchard or just popping paper targets in your backyard...the Evanix Rainstorm 3D bullpup will deliver a hail of lead downrange exactly where you want it. With accuracy and smooth functioning already proven in the other Evanix repeaters, you cannot go wrong with this gun. It's lightweight and ready to do whatever you ask.

    Overall rating:5 5.0

    Value for money:4 4.0

    Accuracy:5 5.0

      By Jojo from USA on 2014-03-03
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    11 rating
    Things I liked:I like my .22 so, so I decided to buy this .357. Not a mistake at all. This is such an excellent gun. Just as my reviews for the .22 on things that I like, it all well and good apply for this one too. Looks, weight, accuracy, size, appearance, et all. Not a toy at all, especially .357 now we're talking major air gunner. Just can't wait to take it hunting with me.
    Things I would have changed:The cut edges on this one are still sharp, not as smooth as the .22 that I got. It just needs a little refining or sanding. Also the barrel is longer by about 2.5 inches. Maybe they can do without it. Finish is darker more on grey side than brown (Champagne) color. The trigger on this one is really heavy, but if you're shooting it on a rest, it doesn't really matter. Trigger pull can be adjusted, but I just don't mess with it. You will need a riser for your scope.
    What others should know:It only took me two pellets to sight it in at 25 yards. I'm using a Barska 3-9X42IR scope, I also have a Walther laser FLR650. With the built in picatinny rails, it's so easy to mount accessories, and you have hundreds of accessories to chose from. I changed the front grip and placed a retractable push button bipod front grip combination. I ordered from PA the detachable swivel picatinny mount base TL-SWMTP01 to mount my sling. I only tried two types of pellets for this gun. The JSB exact and EUNJIN both in 9mm. I always find JSB very reliable and accurate pellet. I ordered 4 tin, and the 4th tin was free. You cannot go wrong with JSB, just based on my pellet shooting experience, they're consistent. It is very loud, my neighbour came by and checked it out. We both end up shooting it. But out of respect to other neighbours, we only shot a total of seven rounds. At 40 yards we're shooting 1/2 inch center to center. It is an EXPENSIVE gun. Really, you can buy AR 15 for cheaper than this, or other firearms. Only advantage is you have less restrictions on pellet guns than firearms. This is also cheaper way way way cheaper to shoot. The choice is yours.

    Overall rating:5 5.0

    Value for money:5 5.0

    Accuracy:5 5.0

      By Mark from USA on 2014-01-01
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     Was this review helpful?
    41 rating
    Things I liked:Not a gun I thought I'd buy but Pyramyd Air had it for a $100 off, so I picked up the 22 version. I got to tell you, I love it! A fun gun to shoot and nice to have something shorter in length.
    Things I would have changed:I would of had the back plate clear on the mag so you can see how many pellets are in it. Also, the mag's are over priced but it does come with two. I am still going to buy the double mag they sell for it.
    What others should know:Two days after I bought the gun, Pyramyd Air lowered the price another $50 and refunded me the difference. You can't complain about that. A few folks mentioned the safety being in an awkward spot but you just have to push it to fire once and your good to go. I put the UTG 150 lumens pistol light below the barrel on the front of the gun and am currently using the UTG 1 x 32.5 ITA Red/Green Dot Sight. With the quick connect that comes with the sight, it lines up perfectly on this gun. I'm getting older eyes, so plan to mount a scope in the near future. The gun is a little heavier then my Condor SS, so I might pick up a sling for it. I really enjoy this gun and glad I bought it.

    Overall rating:1 1.0

    Value for money:1 1.0

    Accuracy:1 1.0

      By Jojo from USA on 2013-08-16
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    24 ratings
    Things I liked:I was really very very disappointed with this gun. It looks nice, futuristic and with the picatinny rails, there are so many options. Scopes, laser, lights, forearm grips, endless. If LOOKS could kill, this pellet gun has it all.
    Things I would have changed:Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. I tried 10 different kinds of pellets. It just will not shoot straight, even at 10 yards. It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo off, off, off. Lousy lousy accuracy. Okay at 3 feet, you're fine. Just use it indoor like the pistol you keep under your pillow, since it has some good PSI and FPS. Very, very loud.....It's all looks. Waste of money. I thought I can add it to my hunting collection, but NO. Gamo break barrels even shoots much much better and more accurate than this $1000.00 gun. Or maybe I just got the factory REJECT, DEFECTIVE one that didn't get QC. The one in every 500... I got the defective one...HUH??? Hmmmm???? Accuracy? I gave it 1 star. Why? At 3 feet, how can you miss? why not? The probe that came with it, will not work. It keeps on leaking. It's not the first time I had problems with probes. It's just a lousy set up. Benjamin Marauder had it best. Fill probe or nipple? Nipple filling set up is excellent, so why can't these expensive gun manufacturers learn from the best?? Thanks to Pyramid air Stacey G. airgun tech. she's the best, she listened again to my problem and sent me a replacement one. I tried it right away after I receive it, and it WORKED. No leaks no if or buts, stick it in the filling hole, pump or portable tank, NO problem. I wonder why the factory probe did not work. I had the same problem with Hatsan and Stacey came to the rescue.
    What others should know:It's a very expensive lousy gun. Poor accuracy. Very loud. Factory probe did not work (on mine). Very heavy. You will need a riser if you decided to put a "scope", but again why? It does not shoot straight (on mine). Seriously it was soooooooooo off. I never had a pellet gun that shoots 3' off the target...I'm shooting at 25 yards. Tired GAMO TS -22, EXACT jumbo express diablo .22, JSB match diablo, Meisterkugeln .22, premier ultra magnum .22 , too many to list....(At least 10 or more pellets tried), with all same bad results. It shoots at 7 o'clock 3 feet off target at 25 yards, or at 1 o'clock 3 feet off target. Will anybody agree with me that this gun is defective. And NO, I have not touch anything or play with anything with this gun...Thank you....DO NOT BUY THIS GUN....
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    • Richard from USA asked:

      How loud is this rifle compaired to a Logun S-16?

      • Jose R from USA asked:

        The description describes this gun as a futuristic one. Where are the features that make it futuristic? All I see is a rifle with a cage around it...?????

        • ken from USA asked:

          can this gun shoot 9mm bullets? The .50 cal SAM Y can shoot black powder projectiles.

          • Dale from USA:

            most rounds larger than 95gr are going to be too long for the magazine and will not work - hope this helped!

        • Jason from USA asked:

          Is the end of the barrel threaded? Can i add a ldc?

          • Tyler from USA:

            It is internally threaded, Neil Clague has made LDC's for them before.

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        Evanix Rainstorm 3D Bullpup with 1/8" BSPP connector

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        Evanix Rainstorm 3D bullpup. 9mm is ideal for taking smaller wild hogs, foxes and similar-sized pests. 7rd mag.

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        9mm / 0.357"730 fpsAV-00451 [PY-3032-5867]SyntheticAmbiBrown


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