Episode 9 – Introduction to precharged pneumatics

Here are the basics of the hottest new airgun powerplant today. Learn how these rifles work and discover why you may want one.

3 Responses to “Episode 9 – Introduction to precharged pneumatics”

  • red Says:

    Precharged pneumatics are not usually affordable. The discovery is, but most of them are more expensive and do not include filling equipment.

    • Edith Gaylord Says:

      Mfrs are reeling from the popularity of the Discovery and Marauder and are trying to play catch-up. You’re going to see more and more PCP guns that will be more reasonably priced.


  • prasit Says:

    Dear mgr,

    Thanks so much for your good work with video clip
    explaining whole things related to the air gun.
    Very clear cut and hit to the point .

    prasit Rattanapiseth

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