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Are You a Left or Right Handed Archer

crossbows designed for right and left handed shooters

It’s All About You Differences, differences, differences, what’s the big deal? The big deal is it’s all about you! Am I wrong? The right answer is, “No.” Your differences are important to you and occasionally to others. Hence, why there are products available for left and right-handed archers.  Do you use the right hand habitually … Read more

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Why Would I Want That Bow?

crossbow, traditional bow, and compound bow.

I love this! More decisions to put before you. If you’ve already decided what type of bow you prefer, would you mind sharing with us your preference and a few reasons why that is? Come on, don’t be a jerk, share the sport! There are many different types of bows, so don’t think for a minute … Read more

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On Humility, Bowhunting Merriam’s & Gear Matters

Bowhunters bag Merriam turkey

We are excited to introduce Kevin Wilson to the Pyramyd Air blog writing team. He, and his wife, Heather, share a passion for the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, and backpacking. Boasting an obsession for bowhunting big whitetails and hunting wild sheep, he also enjoys wing-shooting and hunting all big game at home and abroad with … Read more

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Deciding On A Quiver, Make You Quiver?

bowhunter attaching quiver to underside of crossbow

What is a quiver? A quiver is a device for carrying arrows. There are various types for every kind of archer. What kind suits your needs? Know this, you do not have to be suited to only one. There are quivers suitable for each type of archery and Archer, let’s narrow it down. What type are you?  Once you’ve … Read more

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The Best Hunting Shot Placement

hunter with crossbow observing his quarry

If you’re an avid hunter with a history of successful harvests, I’m going to assume you already know this and you will agree with me. The is an important topic that is not up for discussion. Or is it? Shot placement, there shouldn’t be much to argue about, bummer, right? For those that may not … Read more

The Best Place to Set Up For Turkey Hunting

turkey hunter hiding in the woods

Challenge, Adventure, Hunt How do you know where the best place to set up to call a wild turkey in for harvest is? This question is one you’ll only ever have a definite answer to once you’ve harvested the feathery gobbler. The best place for a harvest, if you’re impatient and want what you want … Read more

Don’t Be a Jerk – Share the Sport

dont be a jerk - share the sport. archer looking sideways while holding a CP400.

How does one become a toxophilite? Most would probably respond with, “What is that?” In simpler terms, it’s a person fond of or an expert at archery. Because I’ve not once heard of an infant being born with a bow and arrow in their teeny tiny hands, I know it’s a sport that gets shared. It would be a … Read more