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Crosman Stinger S2 Clear Airsoft Kit

Model Assistant Crosman Stinger S2 Clear Airsoft Kit

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The Stinger R36 Clear
The R36 airsoft rifle, which resembles elite U.S. Navy SEALs weaponry, was designed for the ultimate tactical experience. A four-sided rail structure lets you mount various accessories like the crosshair sight and LED flashlight that come standard. The Hop-Up system puts a backspin on your plastic BBs, giving them increased distance and accuracy. Plus, you can use this airsoft gun as a mini-rifle or attach the stock and compensator for the increased control of a full-size rifle.

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Stinger P30
This airsoft pistol is a repeating spring-powered gun. Plastic BBs get maximum distance and accuracy thanks to the Hop-Up backspin. Loads up to 16 plastic BBs.

The airsoft Goggles feature shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, frames made of a flexible TPR material (Thermo Plastic Rubber), anti-fog ventilation and an adjustable strap for added comfort.

Power Source: spring
Caliber: 6mm plastic BBs
Max Velocity: Stinger R36 - 260 feet per second
Stinger P30 - 275 feet per second
Capacity: Magazines: up to 20 plastic BBs
Weight: R36-2.25lbs P30-12.5oz
Material: Synthetic
Safety: Lever
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260 fps
Post globe
2.25 lbs
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4.0 (4 reviews)
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Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By Bigboss from USA on 2010-09-14
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Things I liked:This the actual package I bought. I had to because I live in Canada and you can only buy clear airsoft here. The rifle is my main gun, I always use it now, mainly because it is so accurate. The sight that came with it really sucks, im sorry but it does. Crossman is the best airsoft company out there, when it come to make sights that come standard with guns, they are not up to par. I always use all the attachments (except the sight of course). Another good quality of this gun is the weight, it obviously is not the same weight as a real gun but the placement of the counter weights is perfect for balance and aiming. Now the pistol is also a classic, it actually is more powerful than the rifle it comes with which I found kind of ironic. I am never buying another airsoft pistol becuase the one I have now is the only one I need.
Things I would have changed:One of the major changes I would make is the sight, either dont put one on it, or make a better one, because the one it comes with actually makes it harder to aim. It is thin plastic with a crosshair on it. There is no way to focus your eye on the target because it is too blurry. Also if there was a way to change the power say from 260fps to 350 and inbetween that would be amazing. There are so many times I am aiming at a target and the bb will curve or fizzle down. Same with the pistol except it goes a little further than the rifle.
What others should know:If you buy this package you will be able to play and practice at a more advanced level and get very great value for your money. The goggles are perfect especially on sunny days, get anti fog spary cuz if you start to sweat it fogs them up. The rifle is a good primary if you are playing in close range and the pistol is probably one of the best spring powered pistols from crossman. Also you should know that these guns are perfect when used with .20bbs

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:3.0 3.0

  By M.Margaret from USA on 2010-01-03
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Things I liked:My son received this kit as a starter set. He's 10 YO and I like that the guns are clear. He says that the sight works well on the pistol, so so on the rifle. They are both easy to load. Great price though on the set.
Things I would have changed:Would be nice to have spare clips for the guns.
What others should know:Sight works great on the pistol, so so on the rifle. They are both single shot weapons, not rapid repeaters. Best for beginner starter set.

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:3.0 3.0

Accuracy:3.0 3.0

  By the Sniper from USA on 2009-05-16
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Things I liked:rifle: the many rails for accesories. removable stock and suppresser. easy to reload/load. you can see how much ammo you have left because of the clear clip. pistol: very accurate, easy to laod/reload. easy to put the safety off for a quick shot. extras: lots of ammo, about 25-30 reloads for rifle, about 43 reloads for the pistol.
Things I would have changed:a better croshair sight, it isnt very accurate (for the first time), but if you spend time shooting the rifle you get use to it and you can tell where the BB will go and where to aim. the removable 'suppressor' is just a mock suppressor and it breaks very easy, so be careful when you have it on.
What others should know:get this gun if you are a beginner, awsome for the price too. when you use the rifle you can look down the side rail for a sight and it is accurate. the pistol is better than the rifle. SPEEDLOADERS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO USE WITH BOTH OF THESE GUNS!!! if you are looking for another airsoft gun that is WAY better for around the same price of this airsoft gun look at the TSD M14 (spring action) except for the few cons, good deal, i recomend for beginners only. also use .20 gram BBs for greatter accuracy.
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Item DescriptionCaliberMax VelocityItemCodeStockGrip
Airsoft Stinger S2 Kit 6mm260 fpsCRSASCAMC [PY-1055-1950]SyntheticAmbi


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