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Remington Express XP Air Rifle Combo, Wood

Remington Express XP Air Rifle Combo, Wood

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  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Customer reviews
  • Q & A: 1 answered question
  • Remington Express XP air rifle
  • Spring-piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • No open sights
  • 11mm optics dovetail grooves
  • Two-stage trigger
  • Ambidextrous hardwood stock
  • Checkered forearm and grip
  • Automatic safety
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Sound suppressor (silencer)
  • Rifle weighs 8.80 lbs. (add about 1.50 lbs. for the scope and mount)
  • Includes 3-9x32 scope and mount

Remington started making airguns in 1928. Their model 26 pump-action BB gun was a hit in its day. While they stopped making air guns for a few years, they're back in the airgun game in a BIG way!

While most manufacturers quote their air gun velocities with super-light alloy pellets, Remington quotes them with lead pellets -- the same lead pellets you're most likely to use. No smoke and mirrors, no illusion, no gaming the system, no pulling the wool over your eyes: You use lead pellets and so does Remington!

The Remington Express XP is for anyone who likes to shoot but doesn't want to bother the neighbors. The sound suppressor lets you deliver the goods downrange without alarming everyone -- including any possible critters that you're trying to eradicate. Good power, lower report, quality optics. It's everything you expect an airgun to be.
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0.177" (4.5mm)
1150 fps
11mm dovetail
Two-stage non-adjustable
Small game hunting/plinking
8.8 lbs
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Average Customer Review

3.5 (3 reviews)
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Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:4.0 4.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By frangable from USA on 2015-02-27
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0.00 ratings
Things I liked: This is one nice looking rifle. Sharp and neat checkering, deep bluing, nice fit and finish. Very little plastic. The trigger is outstanding- at least on mine it is! Incredibly accurate for such a short barrel. It puts five out of five in a one inch bull consistently at thirty yards. The silencer works very well. People with close neighbors could find this very handy hard hitter.
Things I would have changed: I was not surprised the optics were not so hot, but mine had to be replaced- without any difficulty. The replacement scope was OK, but I upgraded it anyway. This was my reason for four stars on the value for money rating.
What others should know: After the initial cleaning and letting it "clear its throat", it is a nice quiet little tack-driver. Mine seems to shoot the Gamo Hunter very well, but it is not as fussy as some rifles I have as to what ammo I use.

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:4.0 4.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By matthew from USA on 2014-08-17
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 Was this review helpful?
5.02 ratings
Things I liked:The look and feel of this product. Accuracy is spot on after break-in. Cocking is smooth, not hard at all. Hits real hard on target.
Things I would have changed:Optics not bad, however, as all other "experts" say, could be better.
What others should know: Give this rifle a chance. Apply chamber lube and let set over night to loosen oils and grease. Then it quiet's down fast. I applied this method to mine and after about 50 shots became real backyard friendly, very consistent. With crosman 7.9gr My rifle was achieving a low of 967fps to 989fps. Hope this is helpful. Just be patient!

Overall rating:1.0 1.0

Value for money:1.0 1.0

Accuracy:1.0 1.0

  By Michael from USA on 2014-08-05
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 Was this review helpful?
3.3333299160003663 ratings
Things I liked:The metal finish, the quality of the wood and checkering, the very quick and smooth firing cycle free of any twang or vibration. Cocked quite easily after the first 5 shots.
Things I would have changed:It lacks a scope stop. While my gun's look was impressive at three feet, up close I noticed that someone at the factory tried to tighten the fork without taking the action out of the stock. This caused chips in the wood and damage to the finish of the wood and the metal. Ultimately, the Chinese still do not have the will to make a really high quality airgun, and Remington is not yet fully ready to have re-entered the airgun business. Remington should stick to firearms and typewriters. Well, firearms, anyway.
What others should know:Loudest airgun I have ever shot! It should be a 5 on Pyramyd's loudness scale. It was louder than an un-moderated pcp, and I bought this because it has a moderator! My gun DETONATED for every one of the 250 shots I put through it. My basement range smelled like a hamburger joint that uses old meat. The barrel was fouled after every shot. Apparently many of these have a damaged piston seal from the factory, and I believe mine was one of those. The trigger is actually supposed to be two-way adjustable, but the screw for 1st stage travel was frozen. 2nd stage adjustments had no effect. Therefore, the trigger was creepy and broke indistinctly. Bottom line, this air rifle was unusable, so I returned it for a refund. Even if it were only $5, I could not recommend it, because it cannot be used for anything except maybe a 9 pound canoe paddle.
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  • Todd from USA asked:

    Cocking effort? Is that suppressor removable if it needs crowning? Anyone know who makes it? Mendoza?

    • Michael from USA:

      Todd, after giving this gun a really good chance, I returned it. See my review for it.

    • Michael from USA:

      Todd, This air rifle is a complete loser. I finally returned it. I could not get the trigger to adjust, and it kept detonating, LOUDLY. My advice is to go with a Diana 34.

    • Todd from USA:

      Michael, thanks for taking the time to write that! Looking fwd to your review. Crony/power/accuracy etc will be interesting. The weight and claimed power say magnum, but your cocking effort says no, so I'm curious.. A shame about the suppressor, both being too small to work and attached to prevent access to the crown. Most all guns under $400 need a new crown, and often cutting a few mm off the tip as well. The trigger doesn't worry me because I always do a trigger job, even the Crosman/Benj can be amazing after some work. Edith said it's made in china, so the ball detent and your Diana comparo makes think it's a chinese 350 with little changes to disguise that fact. If you decide to take the stock off, or take the whole gun apart I'd love to hear about it. My email is if you happen to take pictures. What did you think of the knife? I'm guessing chinese as well? It's a shame, Remington used to scream quality US made firearms, now I wonder.

    • Michael from USA:

      Uh, sorry. The stock is DEFINITELY BEECH, not birch Sorry about that, I must have had cerebral flatulence at that moment.

    • Michael from USA:

      Todd, I just got mine, so a real review to follow. But for your immediate benefit: wood and metal give an immediate impression of quality. Cocking improves VERY much early on. I'd guess 40 pounds 1st shot, 36 pounds 2nd shot, 32 pounds 3rd shot. 30 pounds shot 4 through 10, 28-9 pounds shots 11 and 12. I expect it to end up around 27-28 pounds. Cocking is without creaking sound. Linkage is nice and tight with a Diana-like ball bearing detent, not the cheaper chisel. I've not shot it with the scope it comes with yet, just from my side into my bullet trap, so I can't comment on accuracy. Haven't chronied it yet, but I'll bet it's powerful, as the first shot was with a 7.9 grain CPL pellet, and it was definitely supersonic. Quick, smooth shot cycle with no twang at all, but fast, strong recoil. I'll bet this requires an artillery hold for accuracy. Suppressor is NOT removable, no set screw, doesn't screw off, probably epoxied on to keep it U.S.A. legal. Also, while mine is still slightly dieseling and shooting harder a bit than it eventually will, it does not seem very quiet for a springer with moderator to my ears -- I consider it as loud as most magnum springers. You didn't ask, but I'm a trigger snob, so . . . the trigger IS adjustable with 1 screw fore and 1 screw aft with holes in the trigger guard for each. I will have to mess with it, as out of the box it is a single, medium weight, stage. Most guys/gals will like that, but I like a light, long, 1st stage followed by a light-medium weight 2nd stage. Scope looks sturdy, but it is not AO, and the mounts are light-duty. I'll use those on a CO2, multipump, or PCP rifle in my collection. They'll work fine on my Marauder, and I'll use the multi-screw rings from that on this springer. If this is accurate, it'll be a good squirrel gun for short distances 20 yards, maybe, but mine is too loud for suburban backyards or for stealth, in my opinion. If you want to de-pest your yard, this is a one-kill in a sitting gun. Where is it made? I think this is probably a very well-made, well quality-controlled Chinese rifle. If it were made in Spain, Mexico, or Turkey, it would cost a bit more at this build-and-materials quality. Accuracy? Actual power? Trigger adjust-ability? Can't say yet. If you're looking for QUIET, this is not it. Hope this helps. It is the equivalent of current Diana RWS products in terms of wood (nicely grained and finished birch), metal (LOTS of blued steel, no plastic), tight-tolerances product.

Item DescriptionCaliberMax VelocityMuzzle EnergyItemCodeStockGripColor
Sound suppression + power. Incl. 3-9x32 scope & mount0.177" (4.5mm)1150 fps22.9 ft/lbsREM-89214 [PY-3439-6607]HardwoodAmbiBrown


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