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Should you buy a hand pump for your airgun?

By B.B. Pelletier Filling a precharged pneumatic is easy when you use a scuba tank. What about using a hand pump? You’ll hear all sorts of conflicting reports about hand pumps, and it’s difficult to know what to believe, so I thought I’d take a stab at it. Are hand pumps reliable? Yes, they are … Read more

Everything you need to know about airsoft BBs

By B.B. Pelletier Airsoft guns (or soft air or whatever else they may be called) owe a large part of their “soft” performance to the ammunition they shoot – 6 millimeter balls that the industry now calls “BBs.” They’re not the same as steel BBs used by conventional BB guns. Airsoft BBs are usually plastic … Read more

How, when & why to lube your spring gun’s piston seals

By B.B. Pelletier You’ve asked about proper lubes for spring-piston guns, so I thought I’d offer some pointers. Spring-gun piston seals are either leather or synthetic. It matters because there are different lubes for different materials. It isn’t always easy to tell what’s in your gun, so this may involve some research. The gun’s owner’s … Read more

Three types of pneumatic airguns: multi-pump, single-stroke and precharged

By B.B. Pelletier Pneumatic guns have been around for over 100 years. But, today’s pneumatics are a far cry from their forefathers, as they offer a wide selection of brands, calibers and velocities. Oh, yes, they offer one more thing – extreme accuracy! A pneumatic gun propels a projectile with compressed air stored in the … Read more