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Avenger 1100

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A full-size, adult air rifle that provides outstanding velocity, accuracy and just plain old shooting enjoyment without breaking your wallet.

The high-quality Avenger 1100 is made in Mexico by Mendoza, which has been a family-owned airgun manufacturer for over 90 years. The Avenger 1100 has a checkered walnut-stained hardwood stock, non-slip rubber buttpad, adjustable ladder rear sight with fiber optic inserts, fiber optic front sight and easy-to-reach manual safety. The pistol grip and forearm are checkered to ensure a better grip. The muzzlebrake gives you extra cocking leverage.

You'll get smashing velocities up to 1,030 fps in .177 caliber. If you're looking for the enhanced accuracy that a scope brings to air-powered shooting, the Avenger receiver comes from the factory with an 11mm dovetail.

Mendoza's Dual Safety Trigger sets a new standard in shooting safety and refined trigger-pull. This fantastic, non-adjustable, 2-stage trigger breaks cleanly at 2.5 lbs. so you can concentrate on the important aspects of accuracy and not on a difficult, heavy trigger-pull.

This gun is made the way guns used to be made 50 years ago--from steel and wood. Just the way you like it!

Click on the AMMO link for suggested pellets and the ACCESSORIES link for scopes, mounts, safety glasses, targets & other shooting gear.
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0.177" (4.5mm)
1030 fpsMeasured with 7.0 gr ammo
37 lbs
Fiber Optic
Adjustable for windage and elevation
11mm dovetail
Small game hunting/plinking
3.5 lbs
7.3 lbs
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Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:4.0 4.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By Bud from USA on 2010-12-31
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Things I liked:Great looking rifle. Very easy to break the barrel and cock the weapon. The double trigger is everything that others have said it is with a nice clean break point and definitely contributes to accuracy. I have not had any fliers that don't hit where I aim the rifle. It is extremely accurate.
Things I would have changed:Two things. Better iron sights. The sights are rather boxy although the fiber inserts help a lot. Because of the clunky sights I purchased a one piece scope mount and a good 3-9 power Leapers scope. This combo will deliver tack driving accuracy if I can get the scope to stop moving. There is no scope pin hole on the top of the reciever so the scope creeps back a tiny bit with every shot, that is the second thing I would change. I hoped that a one piece mount would compensate but it does not. I had read somewhere that the rear scope mount should not be allowed to butt against the plastic piece at the rear of the receiver because that piece will break so I need to stabilize the scope mount without a pin hole. If this rifle had better iron sights or a scope pin hole it would be an outstanding value. As it is it is a pretty good rifle.
What others should know:Dieseling has been reported as an issue with this model gun. This was a used gun and it did indeed smoke a little at first. I suspect that it either was not used much or it was prepared for re-sale with more oil added to the piston port. After about 100 shots the smoke has cleared and the dieseling that supposedly throws shots off the mark has not happened. Not a big deal, just FYI.

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:5.0 5.0

  By Bud from USA on 2010-12-17
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Things I liked:The rifle just arrived today via FedEx. For a used rifle it is in very good shape in fact it looks new. Very easy to cock and the trigger is as awesome as others have stated. I could not wait to try it out so I set up a block of wood in the garage with a paper plate stapled to it for a target. The gun is sweet to shoot and very accurate. I've never owned a pellet rifle and this one is a surprise about how accurate it shoots.
Things I would have changed:The iron sites are very blockish. Will hit what you aim at but driving tacks will be a challenge beyond 20 or 30 feet. I have ordered a leapers 3-9X40 scope with a solid base to improve accuracy at longer ranges.
What others should know:I have to rotate my head farther to the right over the stock than I expected to gain proper sight alignment. Not really a problem just a bit of a surprise. Don't know if it is the cheekpiece or just me. I still really like shooting this gun.

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

Accuracy:4.0 4.0

  By Vick from USA on 2010-05-11
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Things I liked:The best value in a powerful fun that is made of hard field use. Accuracy, light weight, reasonable power, nice wood, metal trigger guard. It came with two inspections and firing tests with velocity recorded (pellets unspecified). The trigger is world class, the best I have encountered. The safety is also great. It can be taken on and off without recocking the gun. Velocity with legitimate pellets such as 14.5 grain RWS hollowpoints is in the low 700s after break-in. Accuracy with quality pellets is excellent. It groups well under 0.25 inches ctc at 50 feet with open sights. That is about as tight as my Diana 34 and Feinwerkbau 124 in .177 and my Diana 48 in .22. My particular Mendoza likes RWS Superdome and H-Points. It does not like the 13.43 grain JSB Match Diabolo Exact, maybe because the barrel is a little large. Velocity with JSBs is way off compared even to heavier pellets. Of course, individual guns may produce different results.
Things I would have changed:All Mendozas seem to diesel for the first few hundred shots. A good cleaning and lubrication with a non-volatile oil before shipping would be appreciated. (What does the factory use for chamber oil, vegetable oil?) It leaves a lot of gunk in the barrel when it deisels. Spring action would benefit from a spring gel. Choking the barrel would reduce the rather sharp firing noise that these guns make even after break-in.
What others should know:If you are looking for a good hunting/plinking gun to wag around the fields, look no more. Forget the conventional wisdom that field guns don't need the accuracy of a target gun. Tell that to wounded animals. A hunter needs to hit the target. The Mendoza does it just as well as my Feinwerkbau 124. Some have complained about the primative open sights. Give them a chance before messing with a scope. After you get the rear sight adjusted, it is bombproof. The fiber-optic assist, front and rear is a nice touch and works very well in messy light conditions and complicated backgrounds. Give it plenty of breakin time. Mine took 500 rounds before it stopped dieselling entirely. Clean the barrel first and often thereafter; the dieselling leaves a lot of residue. Use a good quality silicone chamber oil after about 250 rounds. The gun may diesel for a while after that, but I suspect it needs oiling before the round count reaches 500. Mendoza really needs to fix that. It may upset your neighbors. Use a quality airgun spring oil on the spring, maybe with some molybdenum disulfide powder, to smooth and quieten the spring.
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Item DescriptionCaliberMax VelocityItemCode
Avenger 11000.177" (4.5mm)1030 fpsMeasured with 7.0 gr ammoAV-AVGR1100/.17 [PY-1352-2391]


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