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    BSA GRT Lightning XL SE Air Rifle

      BSA GRT Lightning XL SE Air RifleBSA GRT Lightning XL SE Air Rifle. Air rifles. * BSA GRT Lightning XL SE air rifle * Gas Ram Technology gas piston * Breakbarrel * Single-shot * Hammer-forged r...
    BSA GRT Lightning XL SE Air Rifle
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    Action kit
    0.25" (6.35mm)
    Action kit
    0.177" (4.5mm)
    Action kit
    0.22" (5.5mm)

    0.25" (6.35mm), 550.0 fps, Beech, Ambi, Brown
    Like to hunt? Get .25 caliber.

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    2-year limited warranty

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    Pyramyd Air 30 day money back

    0.25" (6.35mm)
    550 fps
    11mm dovetail
    Two-stage adjustable
    Ventilated rubber
    Small game hunting/plinking
    Gas piston
    6.6 lbs
    • BSA GRT Lightning XL SE air rifle
    • Gas Ram Technology gas piston
    • Breakbarrel
    • Single-shot
    • Hammer-forged rifled steel barrel
    • Integral silencer
    • 2-stage adjustable trigger
    • 11mm scope rail with scope stop (no open sights)
    • Manual safety
    • Ambidextrous beech stock
    • Dual raised cheekpieces
    • Checkered forearm and grip
    • Ventilated rubber recoil pad

    Here are the benefits of a gas piston:

    • Smoother cocking
    • Smoother shooting
    • No spring torque
    • No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours
    • Functions perfectly in cold weather
    • Lasts longer than a metal spring

    BSA's GRT Lightning XL SE air rifle was first introduced in 2012. You'll find lots of practical uses for it. Hunting, pest elimination, spinners, paper targets and plinking are all within your reach when you own this airgun. The integral silencer helps reduce the report normally discharged by springers of similar power, giving you a stealthier approach when trying to dispatch more than one critter. It's also nice that your neighbors may not even be aware that you're shooting in your own backyard.

    If you've never shot a gun with a gas ram, you're going to miss some things--like that familiar twang you've come to expect every time you pull the trigger on a springer. And that's just the beginning.

    Ever try to shoot a springer in the dead of winter when it's 5 degrees and ice is covering everything? The lube on a metal mainspring will be so thick, you may not be able to cock your rifle. But with a gas ram, there's no lube and no mainspring to be bound up. Just cock and matter what the temperature is!

    Most important is the lack of stress on the gas ram. While a coiled metal mainspring will deteriorate as it's left cocked, your gas ram won't care how long you leave it cocked. It'll continue to function perfectly.

    BSA invented the modern spring-piston gun, but they've never stopped to rest on their laurels. They continue to innovate, relying heavily on the expertise of world-renowned airgun expert John Bowkett.

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    Overall rating:5 5.0

    Value for money:5 5.0

    Accuracy:5 5.0

      By Jonpaul from USA on 2014-04-11
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    Things I liked:It's a handsome looking rifle. It's also quite compact and easy to handle. It points and mounts to the shoulder very well. Accuracy is great and the trigger, while less refined than a Rekord trigger on HW rifles is still a nice trigger. Mine is in .22 caliber and gets right around 14 FPE. Like almost all gas ram/nitro piston rifles, the firing cycle is a solid *thump* rather than a buzzy twang like in a springer.
    Things I would have changed:Not much. I'm "eh" with the idea of the engraved GRT on the buttstock. I could do without it, but it's not so obtrusive to be awful. I haven't measured the cocking effort, but it seems to be very stiff and heavy for a 14 FPE rifle. Took the muzzle cover off and it’s different from the one on my Lightning XL spring piston. That rifle has a male threaded section that screws into the moderator on the front of the rifle. The moderator is empty (hollow, no baffles). The new rifle has a female threaded end cap with what appears to be a screwed in baffle set. The muzzle report on both sounded awfully similar in terms of volume when fired inside.
    What others should know:I have the spring piston Lightning XL as well as the gas ram Lightning XL GRT (this rifle). I like 14~ish FPE .22 rifles for light hunting and pest control. It's always felt like a sweet spot to me. This is among the nicest 14 FPE rifles I've encountered. I really liked my spring piston Lightning XL and thought "man, the only thing that would make this rifle better is if it were a gas ram". Now I have both and I was right.

    Overall rating:5 5.0

    Value for money:4 4.0

    Accuracy:5 5.0

      By Serdac from USA on 2014-03-10
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    00 ratings
    Things I liked:Insanely accurate, very well made, beautiful wood and bluing. I've owned Diana, HW, Theoben, UK BSA and UK Webley air rifles and this one is right on the money. The firing cycle is fast, smooth with a rearward nudge. Compactness is another great feature, other air gun makers are missing the boat with compact (sub 40" & sub 7LB) air rifles. Compactness must be an English thing, at one time you could buy a Webley Stingray and Xocet carbine and Longbow which were all about 37" long. BSA has offered variants of the Lightning, Supersport and XL Tactical in 37" to 38" length configurations. Theoben had the Evolution Carbine and Fenman which were about 38" long.
    Things I would have changed:Advertisement and information, call BSA USA and you get "Thank you for calling Gamo USA." I called over there and they have virtually no info on the BSA Springers/Gas Ram line. Clear up where these are made. Are they assembled in Spain with UK made parts or assembled in the UK with Spanish made parts or is everything but the barrel made and assembled in Spain? Are they made or assembled in the same warehouse as Gamo? I really wish someone would get to the bottom of this, maybe visit and document where they are made. They are kind of expensive but hey..
    What others should know:I purchased the .25 cal version, I wanted a mid powered compact thumper and this fit the bill. I knew it wasn't going to put out 700 fps, if you don't know by now mostly all air gun manufacturers shoot super light pellets in order to achieve higher velocity which they use as promotion. It hits hard, it's not a magnum but I didn't want one for what I do. There is some cocking effort and it's prob because of the short barrel. I had PA chrony it for me and 10 shots using 25.39 grain JSB pellets where between 494 fps and 498 fps for 13.4 fpe to 13.9 fpe. I've shooting 20 grain H&N FTT pellets which should be coming out at 540 fps to 565 fps for about 13 fpe to 13 fpe.

    Overall rating:5 5.0

    Value for money:5 5.0

    Accuracy:5 5.0

      By Brian from USA on 2014-02-15
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     Was this review helpful?
    51 rating
    Things I liked:I should have received the rifle on Saturday 2/01 but according to FedEx it had two delays. The outside box was torn and taped back together. Not a good start. I removed the outside box and the inside rifle box did not look damaged. I removed the rifle and did not see any damage. My first impressions were very good. The beech stock is chunky but feels good in your hand. It was stained a nice dark color. The checkering at the grip and fore stock added to the appeal. While not sharp it was well done and what I would expect in this price range. The wood to metal fit is tight. I felt that it detracted from the beauty of the stock. I mounted a UTG bug buster scope and overall I liked the feel and heft. It is solid in your hands and easy to shoulder. With everything in place I moved to my 20 yard range to see how it shoots. The cocking stroke is stout but manageable and smooth. There was some grit on the upswing but should smooth out. I used my very unscientific iPhone app and registered 95 db. For reference my Umarex Fusion registers 90db. Not bad and good enough for the back yard. I fired five different pellets through the chrono. JSB Match Diablo, 7.33 gr averaged 875 fps, RWS Superdome 8.3 gr averaged 817 fps, Predator Polymag 8.0 gr averaged 835 fps, Kodiak Crow Magnum 8.33 gr averaged 794 fps, and the Kodiak Match 10.65 gr averaged 719 fps. All standard deviations were single digits. I did not adjust the trigger. The first stage was nice with a slightly heavy pull in the second. It broke clean and I will likely adjust to a lighter pull for the second stage. Overall the trigger was fine. Some other complaints, the thread protector shoots loose very easily and the grub screw backed out of the the shroud to the point that the shroud was moving on the barrel. At the end of the session I also had to tighten loose stock screws. I also tried the Crosman Premier Dome pellets and they wouldn't fit in the barrel. The dome was too wide. I tried several with the same results. Groups were nothing to write home initially but tightened up after break in with Kodiak Match in the .35”-.50” at 20 yards and Predator Polymags at .50”-.80”. The Kodiak Match pellets are accurate out to 50 yards (my max tests).
    Things I would have changed:My only complaint with the stock is the laser engraved GRT logo on both sides near the butt end. I didn't like how the trigger was positioned and was always putting my finger at the top and had to make a conscious effort to re-position it. After practice my finger is now positioned correctly every time I grip it. Some other complaints, the thread protector shoots loose very easily and the grub screw backed out of the shroud to the point that the shroud was moving on the barrel (I have since used blue Loctite to secure it). At the end of the session I also had to tighten loose stock screws. I also tried the Crosman Premier Dome pellets and they wouldn't fit in the barrel. The dome was too wide. I tried several with the same results. The “integral silencer” has no baffles and is an empty tube. I almost returned it but found that the rifle is quite enough and it felt so good in hand and shot well so I am keeping it.
    What others should know:Pyramyd was very good and offered to take the rifle back when I contacted them about the lack of baffles and issues with the grub screw. The rifle really is a good value and I decided that even with those minor flaws that I would keep it.
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    • David from USA asked:

      gun is louder than I thought. Is there a quieter silencer available?

      • David from USA:

        researched it and you can't get any nice BSA sliencers shipped to USA due to our gun laws....

    • Richard from USA asked:

      Barrel made in England-assembled in Spain, so where are the rest of the parts made?!

      • Ernest from USA:

        To Richard interesting question that I don't have an answer for. The answer should be Spain but let's see what PA comes up with.

    • Ernest from USA asked:

      Michel did you check out one piece mounts? PA has Leapers Accushot which are not heavy price wise and they have four screws per ring, a real plus.

      • michel from USA asked:

        I have the lighting xl se .177 spring version and I am having a problem with the scope keeps moving because there is a lot of recoil and vibration. So any suggestions???

        • Ernest from USA:

          Hey Michel, remember me? You should get a few opinions on this. The best scope mount is a one piece, that is, the base of the mount is one piece design which locks onto the rifle rail, the two rings lock onto the scope. Did you see my review of my Lightning GRT? Well you can't because even though it was days ago, PA has not acknowledged that I sent it. I intend to purchase the Supersport GRT .22. We'll talk.

      • Whistling from USA asked:

        Does anyone have Chrony info on .22, or .25?

        • Serac from USA:

          Hello I had my BSA GRT Lightning XL SE in .25 cal chronied by PA and all 10 shots were between 494 fps and 498 fps using 25.39 grain JSB pellets. That works out to 13.4 fpe to 13.9 fpe. I'm shooting 20 grain H&N FTT pellets which are prob at 550 fps to 560 fps, I'm very happy with this air rifle. I didn't want a magnum, I wanted a mid powered thumper. It will prob shoot close to 700 fps with the Gamo Raptor PBA 14.4 grain pellets.

        • Ernest from USA:

          To Whistling I just received a Supersport GRT .22, had the 10 for $10 and the results should be very close to chrony results for the Lightning GRT. Out of ten shots my test showed a low FPS of 725.41 at shot #3. Then a high FPS of 747.91 at shot #9. Test done with Hobby pellets

      • Whistling from USA asked:

        Ok.. So to clarify.. Is this rifle made in England, or not??

        • Val from USA:

          Only the barrels are made in UK. Rifles are assembled in Spain

      • Dimitri from USA asked:

        How many lbs is the trigger pull?

        • charles from USA asked:

          Is this gun made in Birmingham England or overseas in Spain or elsewhere.

          • Val from USA:

            Ok, clarification I just got today. The barrels are still made in UK (and they are stamped as such), this particular gun is assembled in Spain.

          • Val from USA:

            Yes, it's made in England.

        • Richard from USA asked:

          This is a nice looking gun! My concern is that it is much shorter than other guns. What effect will this have on accuracy? Rich

          • Tyler from USA:

            Well Rich, the length will affect the overall feel and recoil. I found the lightning kicked a bit harder but that is due to it's lighter weight. Accuracy should be just fine, even with the shorter barrel.

        Item DescriptionCaliberMax VelocityItemCodeStockGripColor
        Like to hunt? Get .25 caliber.

        In stock

        0.25" (6.35mm)550 fpsBSA-BG1717 [PY-3216-6236]BeechAmbiBrown


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