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Lead pellets and ricochet

By B.B. Pelletier “Do lead pellets bounce back?” is the gist of a question/comment I received yesterday on the Shooting BB guns post from June 28. This is a good question, because it relates to shooting safety. Lead doesn’t bounce straight back – but be cautious just the sameThe article was about shooting steel BBs. … Read more

Smith & Wesson 586 & 686

By B.B. Pelletier The June 15th post was titled Shoot in style with Gamo’s wheelgun. I compared the Gamo R-77 revolver to the Smith & Wesson 586-6, but at the end I waffled and said the S&W was an all-metal gun, so the comparison wasn’t fair. Today, I’d like to look at the airgun that … Read more

Angled shots reduce pellet drop

By B.B. Pelletier This is another post on using a scope. Let’s talk about shots that are angled up or down from the shooter’s perspective. On the levelWhen shooting with a scope, you have to know the pellet’s trajectory so you can hit targets at different ranges. I addressed this in the June 1 posting … Read more

Crosman air pistols: then & now

By B.B. Pelletier This posting was requested by a reader who commented on the S&W 78G posting on April 7. That post has received a lot of interest, and his request was that I compare the old Crosman pistols to a new model, such as the 2240. This Crosman 150 has seen better days,but it … Read more

How to pick your first PCP

By B.B. Pelletier Now, don’t think I’m going to tell you which guns to buy, because I’m not. But, there are some basic things to think about when buying your first precharged airgun. How PCPs differ from springersThe thing to remember about PCPs is that they generate lots of power with very little effort on … Read more