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Air Guns Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Seven

Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Seven

Air Venturi Avenge-X classic wood.

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Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

This report covers:

  • Let’s do it
  • Where we were
  • Today
  • Fill
  • Today’s test
  • Baseline
  • Adjusted the scope
  • Ten FX 10.3JTS 10.4-grain dome
  • JTS 8.7-grain domes
  • JTS 7.87-grain wadcutters
  • Summary

Today is a very strange report. It comes from a comment I made to reader Yogi last Friday. In that report I had been shooting the HW30S rifle and testing the new Benjamin and JTS pellets. This is my comment.


It’s true, I do like shooting this rifle. I have been looking at it, wondering what I could do and then the idea of this pellet test hit me. I hadn’t realized that my other two tests were with target rifles until I looked at them in preparation for this test.

In fact, I’m REALLY wanting to swap the .177 barrel into the Avenge-X rifle so I can repeat this test with it. I might just do that.


Let’s do it

So, I went to the box the Avenge-X came in because I stored the spare barrel there. My plan was to swap barrels and report on that procedure for you today. But something was wrong. The barrel in the box was not a .177-caliber barrel. It’s a .22-caliber barrel. That means the .177-caliber barrel is already on the Avenge-X, so I can test these new pellets in it. So I read the 6 parts of the Avenge-X report that have been written so far. Oh, my Lord! I realized that I abandoned the Avenge-X way back in January and forgot all that I was doing with it.

Where we were

It seems that in Part Six I was trying to determine the accuracy of two pellets — the .177-caliber JSB Beast and the JSB Monster and I must have been doing that for a reader, but who it was escapes me. On high power I got a couple fliers with both pellets that at least one reader attributed to the pellets hitting the inside of the sound baffles. Looking back on it I have to agree — that’s probably what happened. BUT WHO CARES? I was so focused on all the tuning things I had promised to do for you that I forgot what this blog is all about. It’s about me evaluating airguns AS THEY COME FROM THE FACTORY — not me tuning them and souping them up. Yes, I also do that, but the Avenge-X is so user-friendly that way that I lost sight of my mission.


Today I will get caught up with the rifle. I see that in Part 6 I already tested the new Benjamin Bullseye in .177 in the Avenge-X, so I will catch up with the three new pellets from JTS. After that — I don’t know yet. There are so many ways to go with this air rifle and I’m too old to get to all of them, so I want to do what’s important. I also see that my experience with the .22-caliber Avenger rifle I call BB’s Goldie has confused me about where I am with the Avenge-X. Things I did with the Avenger are spilling over in my mind into the Avenge-X bin.


I know the Avenge-X gets a phenomenal number of shots on a single fill. I read Part 3 and learned that, depending on the power setting (High or Low — there’s nothing in between), the shot count on a 300-bar fill is 60 to 80 shots! That’s astounding and it means I can do today’s test on a single fill.

So I promptly filled the Avenge-X from my carbon fiber tank — forgetting that I purchased the RovAir Portable Compressor expressly for this purpose. Getting old is not for the squeamish! Apparently I left both my rememberer and my round tuit somewhere and now I can’t find either one!

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

Today’s test

Today I shot the rifle off a sandbag rest at 25 yards. I shot on high power and used the .177-caliber single-shot loading tray. All groups are ten-shots except for the first one that I will explain when we get to it. I turned on the green illuminated crosshair in the UTG 4-16 Compact scope, which made aiming clear and precise.


I thought I should first shoot a group with a known good pellet, to baseline BB Pelletier — not the rifle. The best pellet I can find (on high power — gotta qualify that) is the FX 10.3-grain dome. And when I looked at the group I shot with it on high power I saw ten pellets went into 0.224-inches at 25 yards. Oh, oh! Have I bitten off too much? Is the rifle still able to shoot that well. More importantly, am I able to? Well, the shooting would tell.

Adjusted the scope

I see that all the groups hit to the left of the aim point in Part 6, so I adjusted the scope about six clicks to the right. Then I shot the group. When the second shot went through the same hole as the first I knew I was going to be okay, so I stopped shooting and photographed the two-shot group. There is no measurable size to the two holes. In fact there is just a single hole! Sure it’s a lucky shot but wait until you see what all ten shots did.

Avenge-X 10.3 group of two
When I saw these two shots in the target I knew I was okay! They are too far to the right but I’ll correct that after I finish this group.

Ten FX 10.4

The Avenge-X put 10 FX 10.4-grain domes into a 25-yard group that measures 0.23-inches between centers! Yep, the Avenge-X still has it and so do I. BB is on the ball today.

Avenge-X 10.3 10-shot group
The Avenge-X put 10 FX 10.4-grain domes into a 0.23-inch group at 25 yards.

Before we move on I want to say that this will probably be the last time I test these three JTS pellets. I already tested the Benjamin Bullseye, but as I explained, I forgot about that. At any rate, you can see that 0.271-inch ten-shot group in Part 6. I’m doing today’s report more to catch up on the Avenge-X than to test pellets.

After seeing where this group hit I adjusted the scope two clicks to the left before shooting the next group, which is the first test group for today.

JTS 10.4-grain dome

The first test group was shot with JTS 10.4-grain domes. Ten made a 25-yard group that measures 0.402-inches between centers. And here is the strange thing — this is a wonderful group for almost any air rifle, yet I’m going to say that I don’t think this pellet is suited to this rifle! Guys, do you get what I’m saying? I’m splitting hairs because the Avenge-X is that accurate.

Avenge-X 10.4 group
The Avenge-X put ten JTS 10.4-grain domes into a 0.402-inch group at 25 yards.

JTS 8.7-grain domes

Next to be tested was the lighter dome. The rifle put 10 JTS 8.7-grain domes into a 0.335-inch group at 25 yards. Shot number three is at the top of the group and enlarged it to this size. It is the best group of the JTS pellets, but compared to what the rifle has done with other pellets it’s mediocre.

Avenge-X 8.7 group
Ten JTS 8.7-grain domes went into  0.335-inches at 25 yards.

JTS 7.87-grain wadcutters

JTS wadcutters performed well in the HW 30S rifle last Friday.  Today, though, the Avenge-X doesn’t like them at all. Ten went into a very open 0.962-inch group at 25 yards.

Avenge-X wadcutter group
The Avenge-X appears to not like the JTS wadcutters at all. At 25 yards ten went into 0.962-inches.


There you have it. I have revived my .177-caliber Air Venturi Avenge-X and tested it with the latest pellets from JTS. Now have to decide where to go next. One thing is certain — I will not chase the “best tune” for any specific pellet. You may be interested in that and I say to you if you are, tune your own Avenge-X. I may see what adjusting the hammer spring and the regulator pressure does in general, but that’s as far as I will go. Like I said, I’m an old man and there isn’t enough time to test everything this rifle can do.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

36 thoughts on “Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Seven”

  1. Tom,

    It’s truly a wonder when the rifle spoils the shooter so much with accuracy that what may have been acceptable becomes unacceptable by raising the bar of expectations.


  2. Remember, BB – age is just mind over matter; if you don’t mind, it don’t matter. Also, have known people who are/were half your age and acted/functioned as if they were twice as old. You’ve still got shootin’ game and a very good rifle with which to play the game.

  3. Wow, great shooting! I think that a lot of us get too many tasks going simultaneously and it is easy to forget about some of them. In particular, your tendency to respond to reader’s comments with even more tasks makes for you to try to keep up with. Thanks for all you do. I am constantly amazed, learn a lot, and very thankful.

  4. It did it again! I love WordPress, I love WordPress, I love WordPress, …

    In my own dodderage, my rememberer often cannot remember what I did with my own round tuits. I have a magnetic slab painted chalkboard black on my fridge that I write notes to myself so as to not forget where I have put my round tuits. On occasion, I even remember to look at it.

    It must be tough to have so many airguns lying about to forget to finish testing them.



    I bought a .22 caliber Avenge-X as soon as they were available in Canada with the intention of purchasing .177 and .25 barrel kits.

    From reports and reviews the Avenge-X showed a lot of potential and I was interested in developing low, medium and high power tunes for each caliber.

    My initial impressions of the Avenge-X were good. It felt solid if a little heavy; the trigger, overall machining, fit and finish was better than expected for its price point. Baseline tests showed plenty of power.

    Unfortunately, there were several issues…

    – the magazines are poorly made and did not fit well. The small mag was (internally) misaligned enough that it would not feed pellets. The large mag would load pointed or domed pellets but roughly, as the pellet was forcing all the parts to align.

    – using the single shot loader, chambering short (13-14 grain) pellets was not a problem but longer, heavier pellets required a lot of force to seat – enough that I was concerned about the stress on the side lever.

    – the regulator was set to 150 bar and could not be adjusted lower. 25 grain pellets grouped extremely well (5 shots, .25 ctc @40 yards) but lighter pellets scattered all over in 2-3 inches patterns.

    After discussion with Air Venturi tech support and the Canadian distributor I decided to return the Avenge-X for refund.

    I’m disappointed as I had hoped that the Avenge-X was a viable option in-between entry level and premium PCPs. I still think it has potential but there are several concerns that Air Venturi has to address.

    Hope that my bad experience with the Avenge-X is an isolated case and that others have better luck.


    • Hank

      I think you might want to reconsider. It seems that the rifle is exactly what you wanted it to be. It was only the magazines that were bad.

      The “weeding out” process of buying and trying several magazines then returning the culls doesn’t seem that daunting given the apparent value of the rifle at it’s pricepoint.

      I am considering buying the less expensive,, older version as it is also highly acclaimed like the X. I have fought the magazine issues with rifles and found success with drill bits and small files.

      In the end, it is, of course, your decision. There are so many truly interesting air rifles available, today. If the X isn’t a good fit,, there are others.


      • Ed,

        Shimming the magazines made them fit the receiver better but, internally, the pellet carrier did not align with the holes in the magazine properly and they wouldn’t feed a pellet without damaging it.

        I bought the Avenge-X as a carry-about work rifle as a replacement for my Maximus and as a testing platform. With the loading problems and the regulator adjustment issues it was not usable as was.

        I usually don’t mind doing a bit of polishing and fitting but (per bore scope inspection) the transfer port burr and rough rifling leed needed a lot of work, the magazines were beyond fixing and nothing could be done with the regulator.

        That being said, I think I got an early production lemon and my feedback to Air Venturi tech support will correct things. I would still recommend the Avenge-X over the original Avenger as they have made some major internal improvements.

        I debated about keeping the Avenge-X but I have a bunch of .22 PCPs to shoot and didn’t need a “project gun”. Too many other shooting related projects on the go.

        Selection is limited in Canada but yes, there are many interesting air rifles on the market. I understand that the FX DRS will be available locally in a month or two. I can see a .22 caliber 600 mm barrel DRS as a nice light weight squirrel stalking rifle. Just so happens that I have a compact MTC Copperhead scope on the shelf to mount on it.


        • Hank

          Thanks for the heads up on the difference between the “old and the new”. Not sure it will change my Scottish thinking, tho.

          You seem to already have a replacement in the works, and another “interesting” one at that. The main difference I can see is that tuning could require changing the optional plenum/regulator depending on your pellet/slug choices.

          There are quite a few optional parts, but that could really be a good thing, I suppose.

          Whatever you choose, I hope it can become a guest blog. I don’t think BB will mind.


          • Ed,

            I’d suggest you take a close look at the Avenge-X before deciding. Think they had a good reason to upgrade the parts they did.

            I see the DRS 500/600 as a pellet gun and the 700 with the larger plenum as a slugster. Think there’s a lot of tuning latitude within those categories that won’t require changing parts.

            I’m speculating that the 600 will give a larger reservoir and more velocity that could be traded for shot count. No shroud on the DRS and moderators are illegal here so my plan is to down-tune for light pellets to reduce the report and again to increase the shot count. For a light weight, off hand plinker and squirrel stalker you don’t need much power, 10-12 fpe would probably be lots. Lots of time to think about configuration as the 600mm DRS won’t be available in Canada for a month or two at best.


    • Vana2, just out of curiosity:
      Did you return for a replacement? If so, I look forward to how you fare with the replacement.

      In either case, did you initially spring for the 10 for $10 test? I would think if they had the same issues they would have sent you another gun in the first place.

      Interesting how you and B.B. had such different experience. Was B.B. just lucky? Or perhaps in this sample of 2, there are manufacturing inconsistencies….

      • Roamin,

        BB wasn’t lucky. Or if he was then almost all Avenge-X buyers are lucky as well. Hank was mainly criticizing his magazines. BB didn’t use his — he almost never does because very few rotary magazines these days are free from at least one out-of-alignment chamber. RAW rifles are the only ones I have found that are, but I have only tested a couple RAW rifles. .


      • Roamin,

        No, I returned the Avenge-X for refund. Travis, the owner of AirGun Source here in Canada is a great guy to deal with and there was no problems returning the Avenge-X.

        AGS does an inspection and pressure test of the PCPs but I don’t think they test shoot all the guns. As a service center, I think that they do scope mounting and tuning but I prefer to do that myself.

        In all the reviews and videos I checked during my research no one mentioned the problems I experienced. It could be manufacturing inconsistencies, so I’m presuming that it was a one-off issue.

        Unfortunate because I had hoped to do a couple of guest blogs on tuning the three calibers for backyard, normal and high-power tunes. Oh well 🙁


    • Vana2,

      You have a great deal of experience with FX Rotary Magazines, i believe, how do you find them? I ask because B.B. points to two high price Brands and I was JUST wondering if their was some kind of pattern that would become evident?
      The only rotary magazine airgun i own is my early (First 500) 1st Generation Benjamin Marauder that i have six early magazines for. They align and have fed many different pellets flawlessly for years.
      I have always suspected those early rifles received special treatment during that production run….


      • Shootski,

        Here’s a summary of the airgun magazines that I have and my observations for what it’s worth…

        Of all the magazines the Weihrauch design is the best. Solid metal, no moving parts, pocket (lint) proof and can be loaded with one hand. Two HW100s and a HW44, seven mags, no fit or alignment issues. Tens of thousands of pellets and not one jamb, double load or misfeed. The magazine does not flag an empty chamber so you have to note your shot count.

        Four FXs, seven mags and no fit or alignment issues. Too much spring tension can slam the pellets around a bit. To little spring tension (my fault for messing with them) can cause feeding issues. Double loads are possible, the lever will not close on empty mag so no blank shots.

        One Daystate mag, no fit or alignment issues. A bit fussy to load, VERY expensive to buy a spare. Double loads are possible (on my versionof the Wolverine) , the magazine does not flag an empty chamber.

        Two Air Arms magazines, no fit or alignment issues. A nuisance to load – you have to index each chamber manually to load a pellet. Double loads are possible, the magazine does not flag an empty chamber.

        The Walther Dominator has mags similar to the Weihrauch ones but the advancing/indexing is not as positive – they work OK once to get the proper snap to operating the bolt.

        The mag on my PP750 doesn’t work so I use the pistol with the single shot tray.


        • Vana2,

          Thank you Hank. Mostly corroborates the You Get What You Pay For at least most of the time.
          I remember when i got my Benjamin Marauder the early ones were working great for the first owners and then the worm turned. Best i could tell much of it was folks not understanding how to load correctly and then over stressing the clear plastic covers with FORCE rather than knowledge easily available in the written and photographic instructions.

          BobM down below seems to have similar thoughts about material choice, manufacturing process, and last but not least good QA before shipment.

          Thanks again for the reviews.


  6. BB

    “Now have to decide where to go next.”

    I’m hoping you will test the single shot tray vs magazine for a pellet of your choosing. I’m getting sub MOA groups at 25 yds rested with my .25 Avenger about 50% of the time and I’m using a magazine.


    • Deck,

      I know the one .177 caliber magazine I have has chamber number 4 slightly off-center, so no test. This is why I am shooting with the single-shot tray.


  7. Excellent blog – and shooting – BB. It is amazing what can be considered mediocre when the bar is set so high. Kudos to AV for bringing us the -X!

    With regards to your magazine problem, do what a regular customer would do and send it back for a replacement. Then you can tell us how it went. It also helps the vendor grasp the weak points of an otherwise outstanding product.


    • Henry,

      Nope. Most rotary magazines are out of alignment in some way. My Air Arms S510 and the two RAWS I’ve tested are the only ones that aren’t and I know that RAW goes to extra effort to make their magazines align.


  8. B.B.,

    “I realized that I abandoned the Avenge-X way back in January and forgot all that I was doing with it.”

    Don’t beat yourself up all too much!
    You have had some real pain and probably continuing discomfort both of which along with pain meds can have some real impact on our brains.

    You remain in my prayers; may God grant you strength, relief, and some great doctors and nurses in your upcoming procedures.

    Some real quality shooting by the way.


  9. “I’m too old to get to all of them”.
    BB, I don’t know how others feel but if you do want to get to more of them I have the following suggestions to your reviews:
    1. Don’t test airguns with open sights unless the gun is a 10M gun that comes with match sites and is designed as a 10M gun.
    2. Test springers at 10 and 25 yards only unless the fun is an FT gun. In that case a 50 or 55 yard group would be relevant.
    3. Test PCPs at 25 and 50 yards. I feel 10 yard groups are a waist of time on PCPs.

    Huge Caveat:
    I know you do your best writing on things that interest you. I also know that you can shoot 10 yards at home and that is both convenient and necessary sometimes due to weather, health, or time restraints. I guess my conclusion is for you to test the way that makes you happy. If that means testing every gun with open sights, then do it. But, if you want to get to more guns, I think these ideas would streamline the process.

    David Enoch

  10. Off topic
    This spring I got out my Daisy 99 BB gun and it had no power. So I was going to oil it and see if that helped. Well, like you I forgot to do it. Until I read your shooting cans blog and you mentioned oiling your own BB gun. Well,I finally did that, and it fixed my own 99. I must say I’m amazed at how accurate it is. Can hit cans 30 plus feet. Oh, the standard peep sight helps a lot. The can in photo was about 25 feet out.

  11. Was looking for a picture of my Western Sidewinder Magazine. Solutions are there but you will pay for it.
    A removable, rotating, Titanium magazine with pellet retaining lands and a Stainless backing plate, for about $160 ea. It’s a big mag. 15 in .22.
    Found a good picture on Talon Tunes and also discovered they have a Quad Rail for Air Force rifles. After I went through the trouble of modifying one from a paintball gun to fit.

      • Shootski,
        No gaskets or seals involved anywhere. The back plate / cover is held in place by magnets in two of the six holes in it and aligned by the precision saw cut splines that are part of the rotating system.
        A brass sealing insert at rear and possibly a stainless one in the breach to prevent air leaks. No real gaps exist.
        There is also a spring-loaded brass roller that drops into the circumference detents to center it up with the breach after rotating.
        What you may perceive as a gasket is flat spots machined into the cylinder edges that allow you to get your fingernail under the cover plate to lift it off.
        A real precision work of art here. No room for error with full auto operation.

      • Shootski,
        To be clear … that is a stainless-steel cover / backing plate that holds the pellets in the mag, so they don’t fall out when the mag is being carried, as in a loaded spare and when, in rotation, they become exposed outside the receiver’s right side. I assume it also prevents any pellet interference when it is rotated.
        There is a fixed shield extending from the receiver that prevents pellets from falling out or protruding there as well. No corners cut or room for error here.

        • Bob M,

          Thank you for taking the time and doing a great job explaining what sounds like a better system design than even just the photography shows!

          Hmmmm…full automatic what could i do to a prairie dog town RAMBO style! Lol!


          • Shootski,
            Another interesting point with this Western Sidewinder Magazine. I am actually amazed with the amount of time they must have spent on engineering and design when they created this air rifle.

            In the picture with the pellets installed there is a recessed hole in the center, facing forward, it obviously receives the mag pivot / locking pin operated with that small knob in front of it on the right side of the receiver.
            What you don’t see or realize is that there is a spring-loaded pivot pin in the center of the mag that gets pushed out the back of the mag when the front pin is fully seated home and rotated upward. No pins protruding from the mag to snag on things, front or back.

            • Bob M,

              I believe there is/was a dealer here in Virginia that RidgeRunner spoke of that carried some of their guns. I will need to see if they are still in business and see if i can meet up with RidgeRunner for lunch down his way.


  12. Fantastic shooting today Tom!

    I too have been neglecting to write about the Avenge-X lately.
    I have been testing it, but not actually writing anything for the blog about it.

    I have been lost in the rabbit hole world of slugs in the rifle.

    The Avenge-X is redefining the way we think of an air rifle’s accuracy versus the price.

    Todays WORST group was just under an inch at 25 yards for 10 shots, with lightweight target wadcutters.
    How many times in the past have we been thrilled to get less than an inch at 25 yards from an airgun?

    Future blogs on the Avenge-X coming.


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