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Freedom F10 ShoeBox Electric Air Compressor, Max 4500 PSI

Freedom F10 ShoeBox Electric Air Compressor, Max 4500 PSI

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This requires a shop compressor. The Freedom F10 ShoeBox compressor is actually an air booster. You need to hook up the shop compressor to the Freedom F10 ShoeBox and put 100-125 psi air into the ShoeBox. This joint effort delivers faster fill times.

This compressed air should not be used for breathing!



  • Freedom F10 Shoebox electric air compressor
  • 4500 PSI max working pressure
  • Uses 110V electrical outlet
  • Fill gun air reservoirs, scuba tanks, scba tanks or carbon fiber tanks
  • 10 cubic feet per hour output
  • Larger pulley fills unit faster
  • "Stove pipe" particle trap at input
  • Upgraded fan - 20 cfm -> 100 cfm
  • Tapered cylinders for easier installation of c-clips
  • 125 psi input pressure reduces fill time
  • No more "curly" airlines
  • Hardened and polished pistons for longer o-ring life
  • Larger diameter cylinders cool effectively due to 2011 aluminum with high copper content, cooling fins and high-pressure coolant
  • Higher RPM gearing for quicker fill times
  • Improved Gates Belt is made in USA and less likely to break from wear
  • Belt drive delivers quieter operation
  • Machined dual rod alignment post for easy maintenance
  • 4 ft of air tube coils for superior heat dissipation
  • O-ring fittings prevent worn ferrules
  • Crankshaft flats prevent slipping gears
  • Extended high-pressure output fitting
  • Delrin nuts on cylinder ends
  • Fully adjustable shut off, from 100 psi to 4500 psi
  • Electronic switch with more precise shut-off
  • Switch allows for variable input pressure up to 125 psi
  • Relief cut in internal spacers for better heat dissipation
  • Factory-installed AutoLube system
  • 90-day warranty
  • Includes various o-rings and detailed owner's manual

Approximate fill times:




  • Benjamin Marauder air rifle: 0-3000 psi=7.2 mins
  • 80 cu-ft scuba tank: 2000-3000 psi=4 hrs; 0-3000 psi=10 hrs
  • 44 cu-ft scba tank: 3000-4500 psi=1.75 hrs; 0-3000 psi=4.5 hrs; 0-4500 psi=5.2 hrs
  • 68 cu-in paintball tank: 3000-4500 psi=35 mins; 0-4500 psi=1.5 hrs
  • 88 cu-ft Air Venturi carbon fiber tank: 0-4500 psi=9 hrs
  • 72 cu-in Benjamin tank: 0-3000 psi=1 hr
  • 90 cu-in Benjamin or Air Venturi carbon fiber tank: 0-4500 psi=2 hrs
  • 490cc AirForce standard Spin-Loc tank: 0-3000 psi=30 mins


All the bells & whistles, 1/3 the price!

At 10 cubic feet per hour versus 8, the Freedom F10 is faster and even more convenient for all of your airgun charging needs! The F10 doesn't have the "curly" airlines, but does have o-ring fittings for easier maintenance. And with the larger fan, the cooling is much improved!

A small shop compressor acts as the first stage and feeds up to 125 psi of air into the ShoeBox (oil-free shop compressor required). It must provide at least 125 psi output and deliver 2-3 cu ft per minute at 125 psi. Most medium or large oil-free air compressors are adequate for this. The shop compressor does not run continuously. It kicks on only a few times during a small tank fill.

You'll need a hose to connect the shop compressor to the ShoeBox. A 4,500 psi hose with a female quick-disconnect fitting is needed to connect to the ShoeBox air output. The other end of the hose needs a fitting/adapter that fits the air input for your tank or gun.

The Freedom F10 ShoeBox air compressor is a very compact, lightweight unit that's considerably less expensive than any other high-pressure air compressor currently sold. Imagine how convenient it'll be to have your own source of air, filling tanks and gun reservoirs, instead of using a handpump or running back and forth to a store.

The unit requires little maintenance and has relatively quiet operation. In fact, you'll kick yourself for not buying this sooner because it's easy to use.

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Item Code: SB-F10 [PY-A-4899]
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5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By Kenneth from USA on 2017-02-16
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Verified Purchase

Things I liked: Made in the USA! Personally, I'm a little leery of anything mechanical made in China, considering the quality of their hardware I've dealt with in the past. Pretty slick piece of equipment. A little high priced but very well made. Should last my lifetime. Parts available. Won't overheat anything. Nice looking. Not too heavy. Easy to use and looks to be easy to care for and service. I like it a lot. Filled my 90cu. in. Benjamin tank in a little less than 90 min. from 0 to 4500 psi. (better than advertised)

Things I would have changed: I would maybe put a base under it so a handle could be attached at center of gravity to make it easier to move about. I'm thinking maybe the intake port should come out the back. (Not a big deal)

What others should know: If you can afford it, this is a very good compressor. Made right here in the good ole USA!

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Adolfo from USA on 2017-01-08
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Verified Purchase

Things I liked: The F10 is better than sliced bread . If your using a pump like I was , BUY THIS NOW !!! This new version fills fast too , I filled my tank from 3000 to 4500 in 5 min , this is a 68/4500 ci . If you get the ventury recommended hook up hose , check it for connection leaks , or your going to have a bad day . Mine leaked , once I teflon taped the connections it worked perfectly . First go to lowes or Home Depot and get the air dryer and the filter for the compressor low side , their 25.00 and will keep the air clean and dry .The other thing is , on the F10 , keep it unplugged , plug the air line on and let the air blow through the whole system of the F10 . Mine blew out a lot of oil out the nipple output . Let it blow out for 15 min or until it looks like nothing comes out . To let it blow out with the power unplugged , you need to turn the pistons till you hear air come out of the output nipple . After that it should be good to go .

Things I would have changed: Nothing

What others should know: Keep the air clean and dry and you should never have a problem . Keep the felt oiled up . I used silicone oil but the stuff supplied is thick and wicks slowly . I used thinner silicone oil with the thicker stuff and it works perfectly . Use thinner shock silicone oil for rc cars , like a 25 wt or a 100 wt oil . Then slowly wick the thicker stuff . Check the piston rod bearings often , mine after 2 hours of use the lithium grease already turned from white to yellow brown . Maybe use Vaseline since it's petroleum base

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Glenn from USA on 2017-01-07
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Verified Purchase

Things I liked: Compact design, easy set up, great packaging fast shipping' outstanding support from customer service staff, fills tanks to correct pressure in a timely manner. Never again will you have to go out and find a place to fill your tanks, shoot all day and not pump.

Things I would have changed: As of right now not a thing product preforming as advertised.

What others should know: If you can get this product, please do so it will make your life easier and that is what you are paying for.

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  • Jeff from USA asked:

    What is the size, (height, depth, and width), of this pump? They say "shoebox" but I can't find info anywhere with actual sizes.

    • Kenneth from USA asked:

      Unless you are a glutton for punishment, why would you not buy this product? Dang, I should be paid for this question.

      • Joe from USA asked:

        Please dont get me wrongt, but why i should buy a 1150 $ Shoebox + extra Cash for a Pre-Compressor if i can get a 4500PSI Copmpressor for 800$ from China

        • carlos from USA:

          I absolutely agree with the response below. I spent $460 on a compressor from China via Aliexpress. Nothing but issues. Once I finally got it to work it seemed ok for the first few times and after the 5th time it wont even work correctly. You can not get a warranty or support from buying from China. My biggest regret is buying from China. Buy a good compressor from a reliable source, dont be a dummy like me..

        • Louis C from USA:

          @Joe from USA... pretty much everything I have ever bought from China (tools) has been different? Just sayin'... crap. Why would I expect anything different from a pre-compressor from

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