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Tech Force Cone Pellet Trap

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  • Tech Force cone pellet trap
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Accepts 5.5"x5.5" targets
  • 6.75" deep
  • 1.25 lbs.

This cone pellet trap can be used freestanding or hung on a wall. Ten-meter shooters and plinkers will enjoy popping paper targets mounted on the Tech Force cone pellet trap. Never use steel BBs when shooting at this trap. Ricochets can cause injury. Everyone in the area should wear safety glasses when someone is shooting. Suitable for .177 caliber pellet guns with muzzle velocities up to 800 fps. Do not leave the cone trap exposed to the outdoors. Take it inside when not in use. Have a suitable backstop in the event you miss the cone trap.

Item Code: TF-8202 [PY-A-3448]

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4.5 (7 reviews)
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Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

  By Thomas from USA on 2011-08-19
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Things I liked:This is a copy of a Gamo pellet trap. I chose the Tech Force trap because it looked sturdier than the currently made Gamo. It hangs from the floor joists above on a strip of wood with a screw to fit the keyhole the trap hangs on, and a screw into the floor joist. Swivel up the wood strip out of the way when not in use. I used a similar older gamo trap for 14 years.
Things I would have changed:Supply a 1' strip of aluminum to protect the square tube.
What others should know:YES, these traps DO get BANGED up within a Single days of shooting. My old Gamo Cone trap ONLY LASTED FOURTEEN YEARS that way. These are not intended for the most powerful airguns. But IF you cut about a 1 inch strip of 1/8" aluminum about 4 inches long, you can slip it into the square tube, and it will protect the back of the tube at the left bottom of the cone exit. That is where a diagonal deflector plate sends the pellet. That is where most of the getting banged up occurs. The aluminum strip dents and bends and protects the pellet trap. You will need to bend back in place the deflector, and close down the cone seam near the deflector that lifts up, the seam shreds pellets. There will be some pellet splatter to 3 or 4 feet at times. So stand back at least 10 feet. You may get some holes in the target from the splatter. I have used the trap with an NP break barrel, and three multi-pump airguns. I edit my own 5 meter BB gun targets created using circles on MS Publisher and on the laser printer. Not photocopied or scanned from the NRA target; which I would consider stealing a copyright. i cut them to 5&7/16" by 5&7/16" which fits the metric dimensioned trap. The targets are printed 2 to a letter page and cut. The first target into the trap is printed on light cardstock. After this target has been used, I place a regular paper target in front of it with the used cardstock target as a backing. And keep replacing the one light paper target. I use the 5 meter BB gun target at 7 meters or 22 feet. The penny sized black target center -- a penny at 22 feet, gives me a sighting-in precise enough for LEVEL ground pest control. Then I staple the same penny size center target to a cardboard box and shoot it outside at 45 feet, downhill. This requires about a half turn or less of scope down dialing to correct for 1 1/2" of pellet drop that does not happen due to the force of gravity being at an angle to the line of sight. I write the Level ground and Downhill scope setting numbers on the specific pellet can sighted in. After my lawn was ravaged with hundreds of SMALL holes and scrapes, and multiple chipmunk tunnels, I got serious about getting the message out that my lawn was not a place to visit. The cone trap sighted-in airguns have "Silent Springed" 11 chipmunks, and 9 slightly larger diggers, so far, after a late start. The lawn is recovering. So, yes, it is an inexpensive pellet trap. It was not intended for the very powerful .177 and .22 airguns we may have in our collection. But if you put in that 1" strip of aluminum to protect the back of the square tube, and bend and straighten things with a pliers, or use a screwdriver as a lever to bend down the angled deflector plate ---- then my old Gamo cone trap lasted 14 years before punching through where the pellets finally hits the rear square tube. Flatten the beat up 1" aluminum strip with a hammer now and then. Buy the Tech Force, the current production Gamo trap is of lighter metal, and it looks like screws have replaced some welds on the new trap. If you do not print your own targets, the Gammo targets are printed on nice cardstock, and are reasonably priced for a box of 50, and fit both brands of cone trap. Hope that tells all, Tom

Overall rating:5.0 5.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

  By Buffalo from USA on 2011-06-06
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Things I liked:Made of thick metal, solid and strong. Used with the inexpensive 5.5x5.5 Inch target. Perfect for target shooting . Low price at Pyramydair.
Things I would have changed:none
What others should know:Use pellet ammunition only to avoid ricochet. Buy together with the 5.5 paper target. Use a scope if you can't see it (it is very small) at far distance.

Overall rating:4.0 4.0

Value for money:5.0 5.0

  By Thomas from USA on 2011-05-09
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Things I liked:Nice finish and the "key hole" slot on the back makes a nice tree hanger.
Things I would have changed:Nothing
What others should know:Well made great price point
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