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    Smith & Wesson 586, 6-inch Barrel

    Smith & Wesson 586, 6-inch Barrel

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    • S&W 586 revolver
    • CO2 (12-gram cartridge)
    • 10rd circular pellet clip
    • Double- and single-action
    • Blade front sight
    • Fully adjustable rear sight
    • 6" barrel
    • Black matte finish
    • Includes foam-filled hard case with cutouts for revolver, clip (2 clips included) and 2 extra blade front sights

    If you seek realism in an air pistol, this is the one to get! The S&W 586 revolver functions and feels like the firearm. Shoot it double-action or single-action. The crane swings out and the removable pellet clip is on the end of it. Fill it up, close the crane and commence to shootin'!

    There's an extra 10rd clip included, plus a total of 3 front sight blades. One is already attached to the gun. The blades are different widths. This allows you to use the width that you feel best helps you get the most accuracy.
    See manual

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    0.177" (4.5mm)
    425 fps
    Adjustable for windage and elevation
    Double-action and single-action
    2.8 lbs
    See manual

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    Average Customer Review

    5.0 (32 reviews)
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    Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:4.0 4.0

    Accuracy:5.0 5.0

      By Tremor Jones from USA on 2014-08-07
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    0.00 ratings
    Things I liked:Very well made, exceptional accuracy, good shot to shot consistency W.R.T. velocity (at least till you're at the tail end of a co2 powerlet). Nice to have 10 rounds in the rotary magazine. Most Co2 pellet pistols have 6 or 8. Comes with a nice case. Although I have installed a low profile panoramic sight (walther multireticle), there is enough room in the case so that I could still fit the gun in with minimal modification to the foam. The gun really comes to life IMO with this sort of sight. Since the sight radius is a little on the short side, It's very challenging to realize the pinpoint accuracy of which the pistol is capable using the stock open sights (Though they are adjustable and fairly good) with the dot sight, the issue of accuracy damaging sight misalignment is gone, and you will see those pellets go right where the dot says they will. I find that the pistol will hit anything I can see at 25 yards with this arrangement. It's quite satisfying. CO2 usage is very efficient.
    Things I would have changed:I would like the feel in double action mode to be just a little bit smoother. It wouldn't need to be much smoother to make it perfect to my tastes, but I suspect it would take significant engineering to go from pretty darn smooth to perfectly smooth, thus raising the price. So, take this comment in the context of "If I could make them do whatever I want and not pay any more money " It really is a fine pellet gun I wouldn't want to dissuade anyone from buying this over such a minor and subjective issue. Also , I wish they'd bring back the 8" version! I'd buy one in a heartbeat.
    What others should know:Its just a little on the loud side, probably due to the minute cylinder gap intrinsic to this type of pistol. Still, it's not unreasonable, I'd say its pretty average for CO2 repeating pistols (which are mostly, in fact, revolvers of some form. Though sometimes the cylinder and/or hammer are hidden to create the illusion of some other type of pistol) So, it's much louder than a spring piston , a bit louder than a pump up pneumatic , and much quieter than an un-shrouded PCP pistol. I find that this pistol works best in single action mode. Although the double action feel is quite good in the realm of air guns, I would say that it has a little "rough spot" somewhere in the middle of the cylinder advancement phase that is not as smooth as what you'd expect from a real fire arm of good quality such as a Ruger or a Smith. This is really nit picking though. It is very well made, and double action shooting is entirely viable.

    Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:4.0 4.0

    Accuracy:4.0 4.0

      By Thomas from USA on 2013-10-25
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    0.00 ratings
    Things I liked:The looks, the feel, that the cylinders are real metal, the adjustable sights, and accessories that allow a pistol scope or red dot to be used.
    Things I would have changed:The method of piercing the co2 cylinder. If you don't get it to lock on the first try, it will empty the cylinder. Rear sight is ok, the front should have a gold or silver highlight on the top.
    What others should know:Lots of users have sung the praises of this gun so I will not belabor you with that. It is nice, but it is not a powerful pistol. In my opinion it should be a .22, the .17 just doesn't have enough power to shoot anything but paper, but,that's just my opinion. It will work nicely indoors but doesn't have much range outdoors, especially if there is any wind. A Crosman 2300T is more powerful and way more accurate ( yes, I realize it is a single shot and a target gun, but it costs about the same and does a way better job at putting the pellet where you want it.) That is not my opinion, that is a fact easy to prove. All things considered, this is a very nice piece fun to shoot fun to show. If you have the disposable income to use I would say, buy it. If you want to shoot something outside get the 2300T also.

    Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:5.0 5.0

    Accuracy:4.0 4.0

      By Charles M from USA on 2013-06-23
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    0.00 ratings
    Things I liked:This Smith & Wesson 586 6-inch pellet revolver is an excellent airgun. When I first started buying and shooting pellet and BB pistols, I never thought I would buy such a high priced pistol, but this purchase was well worth the price. With the exception of the rubber grips, this gun is all metal and has a good weight and feel when gripped. The accuracy is very good. After sighting in, the shots were consistently hitting on target on 2 inch shot spots from 15 feet away using single action with a double handed grip in a standing position in my basement range. The smallest grouping was 7/8 x 1/2 inch using RWS domed pellets. The largest grouping was 1 1/2 x 1 inch each using R10, H&N Field Target Trophy, and JSB domed. In a seated, bench rested position, single action shots were consistently hitting on the 2 inch shot spots with groupings ranging from a low of 7/8 x 1/2 using RWS domed pellets to a high of 1 1/4 x 1 inch each using R10, H&N Sport, H&N Match Pistol, JSB Match wad, H&N Baracuda, and Crosman domed. The double action trigger is smooth and not too heavy. I found my initial double action shots were pulling to the right, but they appeared to be centering on-target more as I shot more magazines in double action. I think this gun can produce smaller, more accurate groupings in the hands of a more experienced and skilled shooter. I have only been shooting airguns for a little over a year now and do not have any formal training shooting any kind of gun.
    Things I would have changed:I wouldn't change anything with the exception of putting white dots on the front and rear sights. A greater total shot count would be desirable, but not at the expense of power and accuracy. Currently using either Crosman or Umarex CO2, I can get only about 50 - 55 shots. I usually stop now after 50 shots because those last five shots have a significantly increased risk of jamming part way out of the magazine.
    What others should know:I tested this gun with these pellets: Crosman Premier Super Match wadcutter, Crosman Premier Super Point, Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum domed, RWS Superdome, RWS Meisterkugeln Pistol, RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle, RWS R10 Match, RWS Hobby, RWS Superpoint Extra, H&N Sport, H&N Baracuda, H&N Field Target Trophy, H&N Match Pistol, H&N Spitzkugel, H&N Finale Match Pistol, JSB Match Diabolo wadcutter, and JSB Exact Diabolo domed. I have successfully used most of these pellets with all of my CO2 pistols. Four of these pellets I haven't yet tested on the other pistols. For the first time I have found a pellet that just does not work well at all. Umarex and others warn against using pointed pellets because of the possibility that the pointed pellet may be too long to fit in the magazine. The Crosman Premier Super Point is still short enough for the S&W 586 magazine, but the diameter of the pellets is such that they fit much too snugly. Even with a fresh CO2, there is too great a chance of the Crosman Premier Super Point jamming part way out of the magazine and part way into the barrel. When this happens, the only way to unjam the gun is to remove the barrel, then remove the magazine, then remove the protruding Crosman pointed pellet. Overall, this gun performs very well with all of the other pellets I tested.
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    Item DescriptionCaliberMax VelocityItemCode
    10-shot revolver, includes 2 rotary clips

    In stock

    0.177" (4.5mm)425 fpsSW-2255001 [PY-115-372]


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