Vipha – California Field Target State Championships – October 24-25, 2015

photo-1The 2015 California State Championship was held at the Angeles Shooting Range-East on October 24 and 25. This match was the last round of the Western States Grand Prix.
CASA president and event rangemaster, Ron Jobbes, set up a very challenging course for Saturday that made everyone in attendance take notice. Sunday’s course used most of the same lanes but with some target changes. For Sunday’s course, four of Saturday’s lanes were “exchanged” for new lanes that nobody had shot before. Both courses consisted of thirteen lanes(52 shots per course). Twenty four shooters attended the match from as far away as Oregon.


The weather was perfect, about 70 in the morning to 80 in the afternoon.  Typical California October Weather.  I was expecting to do well this year, however the targets were very difficult. The Offhand shots were the hardest that I have ever seen. They were more like a sitting position shot.  Most everyone missed all or at least most of them. George Doganis,  our best off Hand Shooter and our best 12 Ft. Lb. shooter even had trouble on the Off Hand shots. The kneeling were also very difficult shots.


photo-2Lucky for us, there was very little wind both days.   Looking thru the scope, some of the 50 and 55 yard shots looked like 1/4″ kill zones,  but I guess they were a bit bigger than what they looked like thru the scope.  Over all, with no wind, the scores were a bit low because of all the difficult shots.  It was a challenging match to say the least, but a well run match set up by our president Ron Jobs, a real Veteran. We had very few target malfunctions, good visibility of all the targets, and  plenty of refreshments and snacks provided during the match.  We were unable to take many photos during the match, as we were busy trying to shoot well and focus on shooting and hitting as many targets as possible.


There were a lot of different classes, so there were not  many competitors in the Open PCP class. Open PCP had the most participants and very close competition at the


In open PCP,  Doug, my husband prevailed after a close battle with Kelly Hawe and Bill Tramel. Doug was using his New, Donated, Thomas Benchrest Rifle,(  from Mike Niksch of Colorado, ) converted to FT, so he had to adapt to his brand new equipment. This was the first time that he ever shot the new Thomas BR Rifle in a Field Target Match.  It is also the first time that he ever shot Mike’s Rifle ( Thomas BR ) at any field target what so ever.  Doug was worried on how the new set up would perform for Field Target matches.    Bill and Hector Alfaro shot extremely well and did not make Doug’s life easy. Some of our out of town participants(Riz and Chris) ( Riz Marquez, the National Open PCP Champion ) were battling lack of sleep but still had a good time.

Doug Miller 94/104, Thomas, Nikko Stirling 10-50×60, JSB 10.34
Kelly Hawe 92, Daystate CR97, BSA 10-50×60, Crosman Premier 10.5
Bill Tramel 91, USFT, Nikko Stirling 10-50×60, Air Arms 10.34
Hector Alfaro 90, USFT, Leupold Comp 40x, JSB 10.34
Matt Kellerman 84, USFT, Hakko, JSB 13.4(.22)
Riz Marquez 79, Steyr LG110FT, Sightron SIII 10-50×60, Air Arms 10.34
Tim McMurray 79, USFT, Leupold Comp 35x, JSB 13.43(.22)
Vipha Miller 77, FWB P70, Nikko Stirling 10-50×60, Crosman Premier 10.5
Wayne Burns 77, USFT, B&L 8-32×40, Air Arms 8.44
Chris Merritt 72, USFT, Nikko Stirling 10-50×60, Air Arms 10.34
Mark Woss 28, Benjamin Marauder, Bushnell 6-24, Crosman Premier 10.5


Scott Hull 83, Benjamin Marauder, UTG 3-12×44, Crosman Premier 10.5
Jim Cyran 77, Theoben MFR, Hawke Tac 30, Air Arms 10.34
Ryan Bennett 45, Daystate Wolverine, Hawke Sidewinder, JSB 13.43(.177)HUNTER PISTON
Mike Duckett 62, Air Arms TX200, Millett 4-16×50, JSB 8.44
John Knapp 58, Air Arms TX200 MKIII, Hawke 3-12×50, JSB 8.44
Jeff Carmello 56, Diana 54, Hawke Panorama 12×40, Air Arms 8.44
Louis Bigelow 33, Diana 52, UTG 3-12, Air Arms 10.34


WFTF (combined PCP and PISTON)
George Doganis 91, Steyr LG110FT, March 10-60×52, JSB 7.87
Son Lu 67, FWB P70, Sightron SIII 10-50×60, JSB 7.87
Jim Poh 31, Air Arms TX200, Bushnell 4200 8-32×40, JSB 7.87FREESTYLE
Scott Schneider 71, RAW TM1000, Sightron SIII 10-50×60, Crosman Premier 10.5
Jim Ziegler 67, USFT, Hawke, Crosman Premier 10.5
Larry Durham 63, USFTIn all, a fun, tough match with great weather and plenty of good food.  Also, an excellent BBQ was fixed by Scott Hull for the folks that were camping for Friday and Saturday night.

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