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With the popularity of target training and bow hunting still on the rise, Pyramyd AIR is expanding its archery bow shop. See our selection of compound bows, recurve bows, and long bows for sale. And get the best youth bow hunting gear here, too.

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Many hunters are looking to purchase their first archery bow, which can be intimidating. But you can choose the right bow for your hunting style and body type with a bit of background information. Understanding the three major styles of bows can help.

Compound bows typically cost more but are easier to use than recurve or long bows because they use a pulley system that stores energy during the draw process. That stored energy also increases the power and range these bows can shoot. The pully systems also create less vibration, making them ideal for beginners. Some compound bows can fire an arrow at speeds exceeding 300 feet per second. The draw weight of these bows ranges between 10 to 70 pounds, with up to 80 percent letoff. The most popular compound bows are made for taking big game like deer and elk, but there are less powerful models that work well for smaller game, such as birds and rabbits.

Recurve bows have been used since ancient times, but are still in use today. They are long and have a string attached to the two curved ends. The draw force required to use a recurve bow is higher than other types of bows, which means the shots are more powerful. It also takes longer to perfect the shooting techniques of recurve bows, so lots of practice is required. But with fewer moving parts, recurve bows are less likely to fail during a shooting session.

For many archers, a long bow is still a popular choice. It's easy to get started and there are no extra parts to worry about. The best thing about the long bow is its simplicity. With the right training, your arrows will fly fast and true. Simply draw, aim, and shoot.

There is a different style of bow to cater to different needs. Compound bows are great for those just starting out, while experts may find them too basic. Recurve bows may suit smaller frames better than larger ones. Longbows might be perfect for experienced hunters looking for something light and silent. No matter what kind of hunter you are there is a bow for you.

Which bows can often be adjusted? A compound bow is the most adjustable bow. The adjustability of compound bows helps you achieve your ideal draw length and draw weight without needing an arm bow technician or changing your components. Other types of bows are harder to adjust without changing out components.

What bows are used in the Olympics? The recurve bow is the only one used at the Olympic Games. A recurve archer pulls the string towards their face with their fingers and aims at the target through a sight.

Tips for bow hunting from a tree stand. To make the most of your bowhunting time on the treestand, follow these tips:

  • Keep your safety gear in good condition and replace anything damaged or worn.
  • Use a headlamp for handsfree light. You don't want to be fumbling around with a flashlight and miss your step or dropping your gear.
  • Keep your boots clean. Muddy boots are a slipping hazard.
  • Use a rope to get your gear in and out of the tree stand. Climbing is easier when you're unencumbered.
  • Stow your gear on tree hangers so they get in your way on the stand.
  • Don't forget to pack snacks and drinks. You could be in the tree for hours waiting for your quarry. You don't want your stomach growling and scaring them away.
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