Metal, Steel, Lead BB Calibers

Pyramyd AIR has a wide variety of bb gun ammo. They are available in a variety of different metals, including steel, copper-plated, and zinc plated. Some steel bbs have an anodized finish, which makes them have less friction, providing more velocity, greater distance, and better accuracy.

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Types of BBs

BBs for BB guns are typically round balls made of steel or other metal alloys. Some are frangible, which means they disintegrate on metal targets and do not ricochet tiny bits of metal. Other types of bb gun ammo flatten on impact with a hard target which means they won't ricochet. Many people prefer lead-free bb ammo because of the health-harming impact of lead.

In regards to caliber, all steel BBs state they are .177 caliber/4.5mm, but in reality, they are smaller than that. They are more like 4.35mm in diameter (0.171 to 0.173-inches) these days. The weight of bb gun ammo ranges from 5.1 to 7.4 grains.

Why do many people prefer copper-plated bbs?

Copper is a soft metal that doesn't react with lead, so copper-coated steel BBs are an improvement over copper-free steel BBs. The copper coating of Pyramyd AIR copper-plated steel caliber BBs is 5 microns thick, which is thinner than the width of an average human hair. Copper-plated steel BBs can be used in steel, brass, or copper airguns without hurting the copper finish (the copper coating will not flake off). The copper plating is so thin you cannot see it with the naked eye. .177 caliber, copper-plated steel BBs are made by first making copper-free steel BBs, then copper is applied to the steel.

What are some advantages of copper bbs?

Copper plating prevents fouling from adhering to the copper-plated steel surface and keeps your airgun cleaner. Copper plating also seals the bore of your barrel from oxygen, moisture, and dirt. BB airguns that use copper-plated steel BBs work better in cold weather as copper is a thermal conductor that conducts heat away from the chamber, breach, and hammer faster than any other metal. Also copper expands 20 times more than steel when heated and contracts 20 times more than steel when cooled, which helps it draw heat away much faster than other metals. But copper plating does have a downside. Copper-plated BBs are a little more expensive than copper-free BBs, but for many airgun enthusiasts, copper plating is worth every penny.

Pyramyd AIR copper-plated steel BBs for BB guns are an added advantage for cold weather shooting. When you shoot copper-plated steel BBs, your gun will stay cleaner longer and will shoot better when it is cold out.

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