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Here at Pyramyd Air, our selection of airsoft guns are the best addition to your arsenal and have never been easier or more affordable. Coming in an array of shapes and sizes---from pistols to rifles to shotguns to machine guns---we offer one of the largest selections of guns around. Regardless of the airsoft gun you choose, you'll experience the power, precision, and fun you've come to expect from airsoft. Simply browse below to search for airsoft guns by type and discover the elite performance and power that these fine guns have to offer. You can also find replicas of famous, historical weapons to round out your collection.

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Rest assured that all of the options we offer are manufactured with the toughest standards in the industry to ensure a great addition you can feel good about. Some of the most popular options for airsoft weapons are snipers and shotguns. These streamlined units are the perfect way to get a feel as close to the real deal while still keeping all the fun and ease of an airgun.

Automatic or Semi-Automatic? Most modern guns can fire multiple times with only one pull of the trigger. These are called automatic or semi-automatic depending on how they work. Advantage: Semi-automatic guns are more popular because you can fire at a different rate based on your needs, but automatic guns have the ability to really pack some power if you've got the right one.

Spring or gas firing mechanism? Both types work through a piston that compresses air and then releases it with every trigger squeeze. The differences are the types of compressors that they use to power the piston. Spring-powered guns have a spring mechanism in place, while gas-powered guns rely on carbon dioxide or other gas canisters for their power supply.

There are plenty of great airsoft guns, and we carry them all. Each one has its own strengths that suit different play styles, so choose your gun based on how you like to play, what the competition is, or what your team needs.

Pyramyd AIR has a wide selection of airsoft guns for sale, and we want to help you find the best one. There are different types of airsoft guns with very different capabilities, and the best choice is going to depend on your needs.

What is airsofting?

Airsofting is a sport that simulates combat situations with replicas of firearms known as airsoft guns. It is a popular recreational activity that can be played indoors or outdoors in teams or individually. Players wear protective gear such as face masks and eye protection and play on a course or in a field. The goal is to eliminate the opposing team using airsoft guns that shoot plastic bbs. Unlike paintball, airsoft guns do not mark their target, and hits are not visibly apparent.

Popular game modes include team deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill, and rescue the hostage. All participants must follow the safety protocols, such as wearing appropriate clothing and face protection and respecting their opponents. Safety is essential for a successful airsoft experience, as it helps keep players safe and prevents the sport from becoming dangerous.

What is an airsoft gun?

An airsoft gun is a replica firearm that fires small round plastic pellets called airsoft BBs. Airsoft guns are typically used for recreational purposes and can be used to play various games. They can also be used in recreational target shooting. Airsoft guns use either spring, electric, or gas power to fire airsoft BBs. Most airsoft guns are made of ABS plastic and have realistic features that mimic the firearms they are fashioned after. For added realism, some airsoft guns have blowback action, which means they kick back when fired. Additionally, many accessories are available for airsoft guns, such as laser sights, flashlights, and tactical scopes.

What hurts more airsoft or paintball?

Airsoft guns fire a 6mm plastic BB with a velocity of around 300 fps. The BB is usually fired at the opponent with some degree of force. This can cause a stinging sensation, depending on how far away the target was when shot. Paintballs are larger and heavier than airsoft BBs, so they are more likely to sting when they hit their target. However, pads and protective clothing protect players against direct contact with skin, minimizing pain and the possibility of injury.

If you are hit with a paintball on bare skin from 20 yards and by an airsoft BB on bare skin at 20 yards, the paintball would have a harder impact with a larger projectile, so would hurt more. But, ultimately, which game causes more pain is a subjective matter and largely depends on the player's sensitivity and level of protective gear.

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