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By Daisy

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Daisy air rifles and Daisy BB guns are household names. Daisy started making airguns and BB guns as early as 1886. Daisy BB guns and air rifles have been the youth airgun of choice for the better part of the last century. The most famous Daisy air rifle, the 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun, is still available today. A Daisy BB gun or Daisy air rifle is the perfect beginner's gun for young shooters. Daisy produces more than 5 million airgun products every year, most of which are Daisy air guns. Daisy sponsors shooting competitions, shooter safety, education and more in the shooting community. If you're a beginner to shooting or have young shooters then Daisy pellet guns and BB guns are a perfect gateway to the sport. At you'll find a variety of Daisy pellet guns and Daisy BB guns for sale as well as Daisy pellets, BBs and accessories. Daisy Air Guns is sometimes misspelled as Daisey Air Guns, Daisy is the correct spelling.