Date: 28/8/2016 9:16

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UTG (Under the Gun) makes some of the most useful accessories for the shooting sports. Their scope mounts are ideal for air rifles and air pistols and offer a secure hold. They make one-piece mounts and two-piece mounts that come with either Weaver/Picatinny dovetails, 3/8-inch dovetails or 11mm dovetails. UTG (Under the Gun) also manufactures adapters to convert from 11mm to Weaver and unique drooper mounts that help correct barrel droop, which can occur in air rifles and firearms.

UTG (Under the Gun) makes airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols and airsoft shotguns for airsoft skirmishers. Airsoft guns come in a variety of powerplants, including AEG (auto-electric guns), AEP (auto-electric pistols), spring-pistons and CO2. Airsoft shotguns are usually pump shotguns that deliver either one BB with each pull of the trigger or 3 BBs with each pull of the trigger. AEG (auto-electric guns) are semiauto and some are full-auto. They have magazines that hold many BBs for extended shooting and airsoft wars. UTG (Under the Gun) airsoft guns are useful for airsoft snipers, close quarter combat (CQB) and general purpose field artillery.

When it comes to quality air gun scopes, UTG (Under the Gun) has a wide selection of scopes with features such as illuminated reticles, mil-dot reticles with range-finding capabilities and parallax adjustment.

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