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Overall rating:5.0

Value for money:5.0


By Andrew from Canada on 2013-04-01 22:40:43

Things I liked: I like this gun so much, I went and ordered myself the "K1 Doug Koenig Special", It's practically the same PT80, just in Desert Tan, and a Weaver rail under the barrel. Both gun's are great, and very accurate, the length of the magazine can accommodate many different pellet lengths, and I haven't found a pointed pellet that didn't shoot/cycle well in this shooter,Light-weight alloy pellets are fun to shoot in D/A, but for serious accuracy try H&N baracuda Match round's with a head size of 4.53 and you'll be stacking rounds at 10M all day long. Excellent shot count per cartridge,,a far cry from the 32 usable shots you get out of a Gamo P25/PT85.

Things I would have changed: There is a detent spring that can come loose after some usage, It's visible and sits under the trigger blade, a drop of glue will keep it in place for the life of the gun.

What others should know: There is quite a bit of metal on this gun, and it's well worth the price,Most retail outlets will have a price tag of around 100$ on it. The gun seems to like the heavier pellets in the 10gr,. range, and shoots well with H&N Baracuda Green's for some added velocity without loss of accuracy if you like alloy rounds. All in all, I would highly recommend this Co2 pistol. It's good value, and a lot of fun.I also wanted to add, This gun is great with H&N Copper Coated RoundBall's in 4.45mm size,,Look for a nice boost in the velocity, and at 10-15M You'll get all your shots in the black covered by a quarter. Cheer's, and Happy Huntin', Andy.

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By ken from USA on 2007-10-18 01:13:20

Things I liked: nothing

Things I would have changed: I also had aproblem with this gun I had it for 1 month and the seal let go I had to trash it I am not byased because I own a p-23 with no ptoblems. I would not buy gammo for this reason because I spent less on the p-23 and it is a better should come with extra seals.

What others should know: buy walther best engineering.

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    By Triggerhappy from USA on 2007-08-12
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    Things I liked: Substantial ! Nice trigger pull that you can pre-cock, comes with 3 magazines. Nice feel.

    Things I would have changed: nothing

    What others should know: excellent Target gun especially with Raptor real gold pellets.

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