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By Jay from USA on 2010-03-10 16:56:49

Things I liked: The overall look and feel of the gun. It's very, very close to the real Walther p99.

Things I would have changed: The plastic magazine release (I am always afraid it's going to snap off.) It would also be nice, that whenever you slide the magazine fully home, that the release would go back to it's original position (without you having to 'click' it back in place.)

What others should know: By and large, this is a pretty darn nice pistol, and well worth the money.

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Overall rating:3.0

Value for money:2.0


By Dave from USA on 2011-11-25 15:13:22

Things I liked: The weight and balance were good. the adjustable rear sight was a plus. the looks are very sharp and the removable Co2 magazines are great for a little bit of real life feel.

Things I would have changed: Accessing the screws for the adjustable rear sight was horrendous. You have to try and hold the rear slide open far enough to get a small screwdriver in to reach the screws. should have some kind of locking setup to hold the rear slide back. Even if it was simply a hole for a pin. Also, the single action trigger pull was way to long and rough. Need to lighten it up and smooth it out.

What others should know: As far as the rear slide issue goes, I solved the problem by placing the metal end an automotive 20 amp fuse in the gap when the slide was back. This held the slide back far enough to get a screwdriver in. also had to put a small pair of vise grips on the screwdriver in order to be able to get enough torque to turn the screws. I bought a Daisy Powerline 008 for $60 and it was more accurate and had a far better trigger pull straight from the box.

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    5.0 5.0

    5.0 5.0

    By joe s from USA on 2007-12-25
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    Things I liked: just like a real gun.feels great.laser is slick.fires like a dream.this is definitely not a toy.i am very happy with it. i'm glad i got it with both single and double action.i really am getting to like shooting a great air gun over the noise,expense and hassles of firearms. what a world of fun i've been missing.

    Things I would have changed: i have not tried the extra backstrap that comes with it,as it feels nice now. there is nothing about this gun i do not like.

    What others should know: going from firearms to air guns is wonderful.so much cheaper too.i only wish they made these a little more powerful,say .22 cal with less shots and more power.a pressure gauge would be nice too,like those that come in all pcp guns. this is the trouble of guessing when to switch air bottles,as a stuck pellet(wich i havent had happen yet)sounds dangerous.

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