Hyper-Velocity Field Pellets, Type 1 for Standard Guns, .177 Cal, 5.4 Grains, Pointed, Lead-Free, 200ct reviews - page 3

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Overall rating:5.0

Value for money:5.0

Size/Shape Distribution:5.0

By Norm from USA on 2010-05-28 14:11:52

Things I liked: lead-free, price at PyramydAir.com, no metal contact with barrel, accurate, versatile, excellent penetration
Things I would have changed:better quality control
What others should know:Examine these pellets before shooting: 1. About one pellet in 300 has a bent sabot that can jam an airgun. Properly dispose of these evidently defective pellets. 2. About one pellet in 6 has its metal nose not firmly seated into its plastic sabot. To understand this problem, remove the nose from one pellet. Notice that the back end of the nose is flat, thus acting as a piston in the cylindrical bore of the sabot. So with a pellet in which the nose is not firmly seated into its sabot at the factory, when this pellet is shot, the sabot will catch up to the nose, and the nose will bounce forward and separate from the sabot after leaving the barrel. Neither sabot nor nose is stable separately. The sabot can be seen to spin off to one side, while the nose tumbles forward --as other reviewers have commented. (I am not recommending anything other than examination of this product; PyramydAir.com prohibits recommendations for product alterations.) Next, notice that the front end of the nose is pointed, as is suitable for a field pellet. If the pointed end of the nose were in the sabot, the piston-cyclinder bounce would be eliminated, and the flat end of the nose would cut a crisp 0.125" hole in target paper. 3. Further, notice that the metal nose is hard and could potentially pose a ricochet hazard. Finally, properly dispose of the pellet parts that you have examined.
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Overall rating:1.0

Value for money:2.0

Size/Shape Distribution:4.0

By Patrick from USA on 2010-12-08 16:44:19

Things I liked:The way the pellet looks!
Things I would have changed:Would start with making the pellet more accurate. I cant even get a 3inch grouping with these.
What others should know:Beware because these pellets are the furthest thing from accurate.
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  • Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:5.0 5.0

    Size/Shape Distribution:5.0 5.0

      By Alvis from USA on 2007-09-22
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    Things I liked:good produce, and very accurat
    Things I would have changed:price
    What others should know:it shoots on the money when it counts.
  • Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:5.0 5.0

    Size/Shape Distribution:4.0 4.0

      By Targino from USA on 2007-09-04
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    Things I liked:High speed. Appears to be accuarate (I have not objectivelly tested this with the gun in a vice holder).
    Things I would have changed:The metal tip will often separate from the plastic body if you hit a hard surface with it (like a rock) and ricochet back in a dangerous way. This has the potential to poke an eye out much more than a lead pellet that is more malleable on impact.
    What others should know:Don't use this without eye protection. Very bad things can heppen.
  • Overall rating:5.0 5.0

    Value for money:4.0 4.0

    Size/Shape Distribution:5.0 5.0

      By Chris from USA on 2007-08-20
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    Things I liked:Great pellets! No buildup in your barrel, so fast, excellent accuracy. Like it says, they really shine in airguns rated at 900fps+ You will get a sonic boom from the pellet out of guns with this rating though so keep this in mind if you have to be quiet. Really cool to hear the *POP skkkkkkkkkkkkkkkktttttTHUD* of it going through the air though. When it hits a soft target the orange peels off and the inner part just coasts through whatever it is... incredible penetration. Straight through 3/4 inch plywood at 10 yards with a 1000 fps springer.
    Things I would have changed:Maybe price, they are a little on the high end, i feel they're worth it though.
    What others should know:If you have a springer or a high powered PCP buy these now, they're so much fun to shoot. The pellets are physically longer so they won't fit in any rotary clips ive seen.
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