Date: 25/3/2017 1:56

Funny airgun videos and commercials!

As seen on American Airgunner - the only airgun show on TV. Watch on Sportsman Channel.
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  • youTube video
    Benjamin Wildfire Semi-automatic PCP Air Rifle
    Published on 03/10/2017

    Built on the highly successful Crosman 1077 platform, Benjamin has set the PCP world ablaze with the Wildfire!

  • youTube video
    Gamo Swarm Maxxim Multi-shot Air Rifle
    Published on 03/06/2017

    The Swarm breaks into the market with an elegant solution, never before achieved by airgun manufacturers - a breakbarrel with a 10 shot rotary magazine that slaps a round into the chamber every time you cock the barrel.

  • youTube video
    Kral Arms Puncher Breaker Silent
    Published on 02/15/2017

    Based on the full-size Puncher PCP, the Puncher Breaker is a bullpup version of an already impressive airgun platform.

  • youTube video
    Pyramyd Insyder Air Bolt Review
    Published on 02/14/2017

    Check out the latest big thing for your big bore...the Air Venturi Air Bolt.

  • youTube video
    Evanix Rex & Rex P Reviews
    Published on 02/13/2017

    This week Tyler gets inside the newest offering from a brand that is always pushing the limits of new and unusual airguns.

  • youTube video
    Gamo Hornet Maxxim Review
    Published on 02/12/2017

    Gamo's latest entry level breakbarrel is loaded with more acronyms and proprietary technology than a fighter jet.

  • youTube video
    Air Bolt hunt with Keith Warren
    Published on 02/01/2017

    Hunting legend Keith Warren heads up north to bag a giant whitetail deer using the 50 Cal Dragon Claw.

  • youTube video
    Air Venturi HPA Tank
    Published on 01/27/2017

    Air Venturi HPA Tank

  • youTube video
    John Wayne 1911 CO2 Air Pistol
    Published on 01/13/2017

    This one-of-a-kind collector's item features John Wayne's signature emblazoned across its sturdy metal slide, which blows back when fired.

  • youTube video
    Galahad Review
    Published on 12/16/2016

    Sir Galahad has just arrived stateside and Tyler was the first to greet him! This in depth review will cover all the new and unusual features of the Galahad and show the incredible shot strings that the state-of-the-art regulator is capable of. Cheers!!!

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