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    TSD - HFC M190 Full/Semi Auto Airsoft Pistol - RFR Episode 22

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    • Mines a PAIN to ...
      Mon Mar 19 23:06:10 EDT 2012

      Mines a PAIN to fill!

    • @peachyum1478 Let ...
      Fri Sep 02 15:27:42 EDT 2011

      @peachyum1478 Let me clarify my earlier statement. Firearm silencers are legal in the U.S. with the correct permit to purchase one. Any device that you can attach to a firearm and silence the report of just one shot by one decibel will then be considered a firearm silencer. Pyramyd Air sells fake silencers for airsoft guns. None of them will silence a firearm.

    • We don't have any ...
      Thu Aug 08 13:01:48 EDT 2013

      We don't have any extended mags, but we do carry extra regular mags. Thanks, Pyramyd Airsoft Team

    • 1:53 isn't that a ...
      Mon May 02 17:20:47 EDT 2011

      1:53 isn't that a Tactical rail?

    • yes you can, it was ...
      Sat Jan 26 22:25:13 EST 2013

      yes you can, it was designed for co2...

    • @Wontonwabledoo No, ...
      Thu Aug 18 16:31:10 EDT 2011

      @Wontonwabledoo No, we would not suggest using WD-40 on your airsoft gun - it could destroy it. Thank you, Pyramyd Air Team

    • Dude! you guys rock ...
      Sun Aug 28 10:18:09 EDT 2011

      Dude! you guys rock! awesome review! I ordered mine a few days ago, and now i'm just waiting for it to arrive, I'm so excited!!! oh, and... SUBBED! :D

    • I got this exact ...
      Sun Mar 24 03:53:02 EDT 2013

      I got this exact gun and I love it. But I'm trying to find extended mag. I heard of one that holds 50 rnds. My mag holds 27
      Byjoe gonzalez

    • Is It Bad to remove ...
      Mon Jun 11 23:31:49 EDT 2012

      Is It Bad to remove the orange tip? If so why do companies sell black flash hiders and supressors???

    • you cant use co2 in ...
      Sat Jan 05 12:51:32 EST 2013

      you cant use co2 in this gun
      ByMarco Torres

    • yes
      Sat Jan 26 22:25:20 EST 2013


    • I think that on ...
      Fri Aug 09 21:22:11 EDT 2013

      I think that on, they have one of those mags.

    • @pyramydairsoft ...
      Sun Apr 29 15:09:05 EDT 2012

      @pyramydairsoft does the M190 allow the use of the co2 magazine also available for the semi auto version?

    • Oh yea forgot to ...
      Tue Aug 16 02:58:37 EDT 2011

      Oh yea forgot to mention is the hop-up adjustable?

    • @pyramydairsoft My ...
      Mon Nov 14 19:02:31 EST 2011

      @pyramydairsoft My complaint is that shooting in full auto does not demonstrate the accuracy in any way shape or form.

    • can you use a ...
      Sat Dec 22 20:26:20 EST 2012

      can you use a normal c02 can if so what size?

    • I think i have ...
      Sun Jan 20 12:48:48 EST 2013

      I think i have broken every single rule at 9:25..... haha
      ByBryce Carroll

    • I want some spare ...
      Mon Jun 10 17:39:26 EDT 2013

      I want some spare magazines so what type match this gun??

    • GREAT review!
      Wed Jun 13 16:24:39 EDT 2012

      GREAT review!

    • hey um sorry for ...
      Sun Jul 22 00:54:12 EDT 2012

      hey um sorry for the noobish question but how legal is it to shoot these at your own home? like at an apartment to a backyard? I live in LA but kinda scared to practice shooting and don't know where to just practice with the gun

    • They didn't shoot ...
      Tue Nov 01 11:29:27 EDT 2011

      They didn't shoot it single shot... fail.

    • Can one put a ...
      Wed Jun 22 22:32:49 EDT 2011

      Can one put a supperssor on this gun?

    • @JJBzyx Thanks for ...
      Thu Jul 21 23:26:51 EDT 2011

      @JJBzyx Thanks for the suggestion, we will add it to our list. Pyramyd Air Team

    • @pyramydairsoft ...
      Wed Nov 02 00:54:44 EDT 2011

      @pyramydairsoft Having fun is hitting what I shoot at. Sorry you guys disagree.

    • It really just ...
      Tue Aug 20 11:33:03 EDT 2013

      It really just depends on what you like better. There are positives and negatives to each. Thanks, Pyramyd Airsoft Team

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