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    BKL scope mounts - AGR Episode #60

    • 5   ( 14,685 views )

    • Do they work on ...
      Thu Jul 14 22:25:51 EDT 2011

      Do they work on weaver mounts?

    • How did you attach ...
      Fri Aug 05 20:51:15 EDT 2011

      How did you attach a sling to your rws 350?Where can I get one???

    • BKL are the best ...
      Thu Mar 10 15:52:04 EST 2011

      BKL are the best mounts ever!!! That's all anyone ever need know. The only other mounts I really like are the Beeman mounts. Can't go wrong with either one.

    • please review the ...
      Sun Mar 06 16:10:58 EST 2011

      please review the gamo recon!
      ByLiming Robert

    • Good video. I have ...
      Thu May 24 00:14:53 EDT 2012

      Good video. I have a talon SS with 24" barrel. Scope is air force 4x16x50 mil dot and the ring is by the air force. I zero the scope in 30 yards dead center. I go to 50 yards I still get a good group. Then I shoot again at 30 yards. I still get a good group but I am at Least 1" of to the right. I checked all the screws on the barrel and the scope and they are all tight. Do you think the scope mount is the problem? It is not a scope because I just put a brand new one on it.Thanks.
      Bync airguner

    • Hi guys,great video ...
      Fri Mar 04 21:06:59 EST 2011

      Hi guys,great video,I'm hoping someday soon you will do a review video on the Walther SG9000 bb shotgun or the H&K MP5 K-PDW co2 bb gun,Thanx for the excellent informative videos. Take care!

    • Great video man! ...
      Thu Mar 03 21:04:03 EST 2011

      Great video man! Keep em' coming! I look forward to seeing your reviews.

    • hey man,in getting ...
      Tue Jul 17 09:35:18 EDT 2012

      hey man,in getting the slavia air rifle,would it have power to kill a rat or small game ,thank,great videos by the way
      ByDavid Oconnor

    • this vid helped me ...
      Mon Mar 14 18:43:07 EDT 2011

      this vid helped me mount my scope, thanks!

    • Hi what BKL mount ...
      Thu Mar 21 16:43:23 EDT 2013

      Hi what BKL mount is best for the 350 magnum . I bought a scope mount from BKL for my 3x9x50 leapers 2 years ago but their was a lot of barrel droop can you tell me which one is best for it thanks.

    • I used the BKL ...
      Thu Mar 10 15:42:48 EST 2011

      I used the BKL mounts for the first time last year and never looked back. Any other design is a total waste of money in my opinion.

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