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    Crosman 2240 CO2 pistol - AGR Episode #59

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    • rocky9298 I use 25. ...
      Thu Feb 27 02:48:51 EST 2014

      rocky9298 I use 25.something grain pellets with mine. these guns like very heavy pellets. I'm experimenting with casting 35 grain. Also there's a crosman dovetail adapter that clamps to your barrel for about $10, but it's not very good. You can buy a steel breech for about $60 which will have dovetails cut into it and is a million times better.

    • Paul I don't know ...
      Sun Mar 02 04:05:48 EST 2014

      Paul I don't know how your getting 80 usable shots out of the 2240. I bought one and I am lucky if I get 40 shots out of it and the gun is stock.

    • take the breech and ...
      Fri Dec 06 00:56:07 EST 2013

      take the breech and barrel off your 1377 and attach them to this gun and BAM 177 2240 combo

    • Will you test the ...
      Sat Mar 01 16:26:58 EST 2014

      Will you test the FX air guns?
      ByDoyle Andrews

    • i got one for this ...
      Wed Dec 25 13:48:20 EST 2013

      i got one for this christmas!! :)
      Byphil brown

    • Do you Know anyone ...
      Sat Jan 25 16:50:22 EST 2014

      Do you Know anyone that will make the stainless steel custom parts for sale?
      ByLuis Bracero

    • Hey thanks for ...
      Sat Mar 19 17:59:42 EDT 2011

      Hey thanks for another great video..... I have the Gamo P23 and was wondering if you might do an AGR on that gun. I like it a lot and think others may be interested. Thanks!

    • could it kill small ...
      Wed Dec 26 10:54:32 EST 2012

      could it kill small vermin

    • I may buy a couple ...
      Fri May 10 10:19:34 EDT 2013

      I may buy a couple of these.

    • is it posible to ...
      Sat Oct 13 06:23:43 EDT 2012

      is it posible to get a .177 barrel for it? maybe swich it from a 1377 ?

    • I'm sure they will ...
      Wed Aug 07 15:21:15 EDT 2013

      I'm sure they will eventually. We have pellet traps on our site that would be safer. If you would like to make one yourself, you can search "homemade pellet trap" on our site and find out how to do so. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • Exactly, that is ...
      Sat May 18 13:35:17 EDT 2013

      Exactly, that is why the first shot is always a dud. LOL If you understand the trigger piercing concept you will know it works as it was designed to.

    • I just recieved my ...
      Wed Apr 11 23:08:56 EDT 2012

      I just recieved my custom shop 2240 from crosman in a carbine configuration, the 2400kt, with a 24" .22 cal barrel, and a centerpoint 6X32 ao ir md scope, this thing is amazing. Shot it a bunch as soon as i recived it, and accuracy was good, it is shooting the H&N Sport pellets at about 510fps, and the JSB Exact RS at 535fps. I cleaned the barrel and the accuracy improved greatly. I now get one hole 5 shot groups at 15 meters with the JSB Exact jumbo express, H&N Sport, JSB Exact RS, and Box CP.

    • You kind of looked ...
      Sun Feb 27 20:11:56 EST 2011

      You kind of looked like billybob thorton in this vid. PLZ do the benjamin xl 1500!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Does it shoot 6mm ...
      Sun Mar 03 17:09:29 EST 2013

      Does it shoot 6mm metal bbs?

    • Actually, this gun ...
      Sat Jan 07 12:26:46 EST 2012

      Actually, this gun is peirced on the first shot! Not by tightening it! Odd but thats how it is!

    • if i installed a ...
      Sun Dec 30 19:42:52 EST 2012

      if i installed a 14.5 barrel on mine would you stick with the avg 14.3 pellet or would you go lighter or heavier for better fps

    • 2240 or 1377?
      Thu Mar 01 21:41:26 EST 2012

      2240 or 1377?
      ByMark Floyd

    • @d4j0n Some people ...
      Mon Dec 26 17:00:36 EST 2011

      @d4j0n Some people should read the instructions before posting a review online and making themselves look stupid.
      ByPaul Nowicki

    • great review im ...
      Sat Feb 11 00:56:12 EST 2012

      great review im thinking of getting the 2240 or the 1322 for squirrel hunting which would you prefer please respond thank you

    • yes: Crosman 459MT ...
      Thu Jul 11 13:43:00 EDT 2013

      yes: Crosman 459MT 2-Pc Intermount, 3/8 Dovetail (under $15)

    • I just ordered one ...
      Thu Jul 28 03:59:20 EDT 2011

      I just ordered one from you guys today! :D Very excited!
      ByCrowdy Pollock

    • Where did you ...
      Mon Jul 25 15:09:16 EDT 2011

      Where did you purchase the stainless steel barrel?
      BySteven Sanderson

    • approx. 80 shots? I ...
      Sun May 29 19:51:53 EDT 2011

      approx. 80 shots? I never got that from mine even with a weaker hammer spring fitted. As foe the rocketing mentioned by Axbent...just fire off the first 10 shots and the 2240 settles down, I use my modified 2240 for competition shooting and it has won me a few medals :)

    • watta thick bastard ...
      Thu Jul 25 12:39:09 EDT 2013

      watta thick bastard lol
      ByCurtis Hill

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