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    Umarex EBOS full auto CO2 BB gun - AGR Episode #58

    4.900000095367432(103,158 views)

    If anyone can ...
    Sun Jul 20 09:05:09 EDT 2014

    If anyone can answer me I would really appreciate it. ...would it take down a rabbit. ..?
    By Gonzalo Yerena

    Insane video tha so ...
    Sun Feb 09 14:55:42 EST 2014

    Insane video tha so much for giving me all this info definitely getting it ! 
    By Joe Mills

    Why Batteries And ...
    Tue Apr 01 13:05:54 EDT 2014

    Why Batteries And Why So Many
    By ryeskyy

    Excellent video.... ...
    Mon Jan 06 21:20:30 EST 2014

    Excellent video.... Yes, it will take a bird (dove).....
    By Laura Elkins

    HAHA 16RD burst
    Fri Jun 24 16:14:08 EDT 2011

    HAHA 16RD burst
    By MOney

    would it drop a ...
    Fri Mar 04 04:05:11 EST 2011

    would it drop a small bird?
    By lewisx20x20x20

    your right but the ...
    Sun May 06 06:12:48 EDT 2012

    your right but the scottish are nice though!
    By DugyD97

    Forgot to include ...
    Sat Mar 05 16:22:49 EST 2011

    Forgot to include this before because of that is there a way to take about the spring in the clip so it will continue to feed the bb's in to the clip?
    By Michael SuperNewg Newgen NumberOne

    yo anyone who can ...
    Mon Dec 12 21:27:52 EST 2011

    yo anyone who can answer this question that would be great. I just got this gun and it takes 88 gram co2.however ive been using 90 gram co2 and it works. will it damage my gun?
    By r mott

    @pyramydair I have ...
    Mon Dec 19 17:09:23 EST 2011

    @pyramydair I have seen that one yes but thought the price was very high.
    By 123devinzz1

    I just bought one, ...
    Sun Jul 03 20:17:03 EDT 2011

    I just bought one, thanks for the video...
    By mazpr2025

    It looks like a ...
    Sun Aug 07 02:56:18 EDT 2011

    It looks like a halo smg
    By cuzinrukus

    hi i just bought ...
    Tue Mar 22 10:47:49 EDT 2011

    hi i just bought the umarex ebos co2 bb gun and i need to no if i can get an adapter so i can attach my 20 ounce co2 tank to the gun. i also need to know if you know how to make my gun full auto. is there a website that i ca go to and find how to make it fully automatic
    By logan walter

    - HEY YOU SAID YOU ...
    Sat Nov 24 13:31:15 EST 2012

    - HEY YOU SAID YOU WANTED AN M4 BB GUN..? check out the "RAP 4" the rap 4 stands for "Real Action Paintball" -however you can get the bb mod for the rap 4. i do not know about the rap5- a h&k mp5 clone - all metal full size full auto bb shooting replicas that all real attatchments fit to........ or buy a drozd blackbird full auto
    By 206blah

    @mazpr2025 hi there ...
    Sun Jul 24 17:54:55 EDT 2011

    @mazpr2025 hi there thanks for you info. can you tellme where i can buy the co2 paint ball adapler please?
    By sanchirulais

    What gun is at 0:11
    Fri Nov 11 22:26:04 EST 2011

    What gun is at 0:11
    By IamTeHe

    i was looking at ...
    Sat Jul 07 18:53:03 EDT 2012

    i was looking at your store on-line, you will be able to ship it into great Britain right? so i can buy it overseas. does it come with c02 and pellets?
    By Amused Tuber

    what if you don't ...
    Mon Jul 04 07:47:52 EDT 2011

    what if you don't use a full cartridge can you keep it in for a couple of days
    By Feifeizhang001

    heyyy. can you use ...
    Mon Apr 29 11:20:35 EDT 2013

    heyyy. can you use plastic bb's???
    By Andado's Channel

    Can you do a video ...
    Wed Nov 23 16:21:53 EST 2011

    Can you do a video of the umarex h&k mp5 thank you
    By james wheeler

    i got this gun but ...
    Mon Jun 20 09:53:17 EDT 2011

    i got this gun but i am getting u have to have that huge co2 tank or can you get the little ones where there is no adapter needed
    By 1275allen

    I wish someone ...
    Wed Oct 31 20:00:27 EDT 2012

    I wish someone would make a replica of the PDW-R. Either that or an M-4 CO2 BB gun will be my next purchase.
    By bigtruckseriesreview .

    Honestly a while ...
    Thu Feb 24 13:48:50 EST 2011

    Honestly a while ago I was looking into getting one of these but... without it being full auto, just didnt appeal to me, sure the 8 shot burst isnt bad but isnt too appealing..
    By gromann

    dude u r awesome ...
    Sat Mar 24 13:00:54 EDT 2012

    dude u r awesome you like kids to shoot bb guns so i subscribed
    By gabe aguiar

    stop shooting fake ...
    Mon Dec 12 17:44:50 EST 2011

    stop shooting fake guns stupis
    By hillbilly billbo

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